Batman and Spider-Man actor Michael Keaton asks President Donald Trump to “please get out of the way.”

Keaton’s comments were made on his Instagram account where he posted an image of President Donald Trump at one of his recent press conferences addressing how his administration is handling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Keaton wrote on Instagram, “Please. I swear. I’m not even hating or yelling. Just, please get out of the way.”

He added, “No one will get mad. Please. Move out of the way. Please.”

President Trump wasn’t the only Republican that Keaton would comment on. He recently described Florida’s Governor Rick DeSantis as a “loser.”

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Keaton wrote, “GovDeSantis of Florida. How about this loser? My sympathies to all Floridians.”

In contrast, Keaton has had high praise for Democrat governors like Montana’s Steve Bullock and New York’s Andrew Cuomo.

Keaton commented on Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s job saying, “Gov Bullock-doing a real good job.”

As for Andrew Cuomo of New York, Keaton stated that he and Dr. Fauci, who is part of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, should run form a ticket to run for the White House in 2024.

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Keaton wrote, “Years ago I was on CNN promoting a movie(can’t remember which one) and Chris Cuomo was just getting off his “shift”. I asked him if his brother Gov Cuomo would run for president. He (wisely) avoided the question.”

He added, “This guy is showing real leadership and with CLARITY. Cuomo-Fauci 2024. Joking(kind of).”

Keaton had previously praised Dr. Fauci saying, “Thank God for this guy(Dr Fauci).

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Keaton also recently posted a clip from Bridesmaids and asked, “Whole damn movie-how about a woman for president?!”

Keaton is no stranger to criticizing President Donald Trump and his policies. Back in 2017, Keaton claimed President Donald was “handing ISIS ANOTHER recruiting tool.”

He’s also described him as an “insecure child” who is “disturbed and dangerous” saying “he has to go.”

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He’s also stated that he believes President Trump has a “serious personality disorder.”

Keaton is expected to show up in the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off film Morbius starring Jared Leto as he reprises his role as Adrian Toomes aka Vulture. Although it’s still unconfirmed if he’s playing Toomes.

He does show up at the end of the first Morbius trailer looking like Toomes.

It’s more than likely he will also reprise his role as Vulture in future Spider-Man Universe films as rumors indicate there could be a Sinister Six film in the works.

What do you make of Keaton’s recent comments? Do you agree with him? Or do you think he is wrong?