After Marvel Comics artist Carlos Gomez revealed his new redesign for America Chavez and it was subsequently described as “oversexualized” a couple of artists gave the character a bunny twist.

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Image170’s Bunny Suit Redesign

Twitter user and artist Image170 shared their rendition of America Chavez wearing a Playboy bunny inspired America costume.

Image170 shared their design writing, “Chavez America getting into the Easter spirit! Not to mention showing what Carlos Gomez gave her.”

The design even takes a cheeky shot at the Avengers: Endgame “That’s America’s Ass” joke.

America says, “Sorry Cap, But this is America’s Ass!”

Take a look.

And here’s a better look.

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Image170 also shared a non-bunny suit sketch in the manner of Frank Cho’s wheat cakes sketches.

Here’s a good look:

Armaron’s Reverse Bunny Suit Design

Another artist also shared their own rendition of America Chavez in a reverse bunny suit.

Artist Armaron wrote, “Here’s my take on America Chavez in a US Flag themed Reverse Bunny Suit. Which is a Style at this time!”

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Here’s a better look.

What do you make of these bunny-suit inspired America Chavez designs?