Luis Alfonso Mendoza, the Latin American voice actor best known for providing the Latin dub voices for Dragon Ball’s Son Gohan, Bleach’s Kon, and Leonardo in the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cartoon, has died in Mexico after reportedly being shot by a tenant renting one of his studios.

According to Spanish media reports, Mendoza was murdered “in an apparent dispute over a property agreement” in the Mexico City neighborhood of Portales.

According to one witness, a man who was renting artistic studio space from Mendoza refused to leave the property, and when confronted by Mendoza, responded by shooting the voice actor.

The suspected perpetrator also killed Mendoza’s wife and brother-in-law before he “attempted suicide with a shot to the head, but failed and was transferred in serious condition to ‘Hospital de Xoco.’”

Among those who expressed sadness over this news were Mendoza’s fellow Spanish Dragon Ball voice actors, including  Mario Castañeda (Goku) and both of Krillin’s voice actors, Eduardo “Lalo” Garza and Rossy Aguirre:

Toei Animation, the studio behind Dragon Ball, also remembered the voice actor.

A compilation highlighting Mendoza’s extensive and prolific career can be seen below: