Rumor: The Last of Us II Features Homophobic Christian Cult As Antagonists

According to a new rumor, The Last of Us Part II will feature a homophobic Christian cult as a group of antagonists whose actions serve as a primary catalyst for the story.

Originally posted to 4chan and subsequently deleted, the leak was allegedly posted by an “immediate family member of someone working at Naughty Dog [on] The Last of Us 2” and outlines how “the stories main driving point is the romance that’s briefly kindled between Dina and Ellie.”

According to the leaks, Ellie is in a relationship with Dina, a bisexual woman that has been seen dancing and flirting with Ellie in previous trailers. After the game’s first act concludes with a tender moment between the two women, they are suddenly attacked by a religious sect known as the Seraphites. Dina is killed in this attack, leading Ellie to vow revenge against them.

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The Seraphites are described as a religious cult based on the teachings of Christianity who believe that they are the ‘lambs of God’ and aim to cleanse the world of sin. Most of their members are white men and women with the group’s shown dissenters, referred to as ‘wolves,’ consisting mostly of minorities.

Ellie and Dina are supposedly targeted by the Seraphites because they are in a same-sex relationship. However, at the end of the game, Ellie will end up with a girlfriend who is a member of the Seraphites.

The cult is united by their immunity to the Cordyceps Brain Infection, which is tested in new members by cutting their cheeks with an infected blade. It is revealed that Ellie’s father was a member of the Seraphites, hence her immunity, and that he was killed for sleeping with Ellie’s mother, an outsider.

There are two male characters central to the plot: Jesse, Dina’s ex-boyfriend, and Joel, the protagonist from the first game. The game begins by pairing Ellie with Jesse, until the latter’s death in front of Ellie. She is then reunited with Joel, who also dies.

While these rumors remain unconfirmed, The Last of Us Part II director and writer Neil Druckmann posted a tweet lamenting how the “past 48 have taken a toll on me” on the same day these leaks were posted and deleted.

The Last of Us Part II was recently indefinitely delayed from its original May 29th release date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can see the full 4Chan leak below:

Rumor: The Last of Us II Features Homophobic Christian Cult As Antagonists

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