Thanks to a fan’s efforts to help supply Toronto area hospitals, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds inducted a new member into the X-Force, Razer!

Over the weekend Reynolds put out a personal request for aid in order to supply hospitals in Toronto in need of supplies. On Twitter, the actor implored that fans donate items for Toronto medical staff.

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Reynolds requested his fans to help provide 68 boxes of N95 masks, 13,500 surgical masks, 13,500 gloves, and 1,350 chemo gowns. He wrote, “People who help Hayley get this critical PPE gear will get something awesome from me. I’ll send you personalized videos. I’ll sign whatever you want. I’ll send Deadpool Bobbleheads and/or movie memorabilia.

The actor then took it to the next level and even offered to sign Green Lantern items for fans. When he mentions the Green Lantern you know that Reynolds isn’t playing around.

He would also mention that his followers can help their local hospitals who might need personal protective gear for their healthcare workers.

A fan by the name of Min-Liang Tan, who also appears to be a FedEx worker given his outfit informed Reynolds that 10,000 surgical masks were en route to Canada.

He then requested if he could join the X-Force and explained his code name as well as his superpowers which include gaming, staying at home, and eating cheetos.

Ryan Reynolds replied back to Tan that yes he was now a part of X-Force and asked if he knew how to skydive; of course a reference to Peter skydiving with the team in Deadpool 2.

Reynolds wrote, “You’re 100 percent on the X-Force team. Do you know how to skydive?”

Since the outbreak Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively, who have a history of working to help charities and causes, have been working overtime to help a number of organizations and people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Reynolds surprised Toronto based organization Sick Kids by doing a virtual visit and taking questions from the youngsters who were stuck in patient rooms all over the hospital. He spoke on a variety of subjects with the kids including Pikachu, pizza, as well as his own three daughters:

This hasn’t been the only thing he’s done to help out during the crisis. Reynolds announced that his company Aviation Gin would donate 30% of their proceeds to help bartenders who, due to the lack of foot traffic because of the pandemic, are suffering without work.

Seven days later Aviation announced that the program was being extended to Reynolds’ home country, Canada, in order to help struggling bartenders up north:

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Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively also donated $1 million to North American food banks.

Ryan Reynolds hasn’t been the only actor reaching out to help their local hospital systems with supplies and other aid. Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger last week donated a million dollars of masks and other supplies to a hospital in order to help combat the spread of Coronavirus.

While other celebrities choose to do their part by singing songs, off key, Schwarzenegger took a more proactive approach in doing his part to help combat the spread of the deadly virus.

In the video you can see Schwarzenegger go in person to where the supplies were delivered to inspect that the correct items were sent to the hospital.

He also explains how a week prior he and his team ordered the supplies: “A week ago, we went and ordered  a million dollars worth of masks and protective gear for our nurses and for our doctors and our medical workers here in the hospitals around Los Angeles.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger goes on to explain that he was at the hospital to make sure what was ordered was indeed shipped. He stated, “And now I’m here to check out if, in fact, they got here and if the right masks got here. All of this here is part of the shipment right here to this hospital. And then here, let’s check it out, because we never trust anything, and make sure…”

Then the actor opens a box to confirm that indeed the correct masks were sent as ordered. He said, “The 95 mask. That’s exactly what everyone is looking for. It keeps them healthy, fit and alive. Mission Accomplished. Now I want you to see Brian, who was our contact here at the hospital. He was a fantastic coordinator. He made sure that these masks get here on time.

Then he thanks the hospital coordinator, “Thank you very much, Brian.” To which Brian replied: “Yes, Sir. It was my pleasure”

In a reply to the post, Arnold asked others to help out and donate to make sure healthcare workers were able to get the supplies they needed to help fight off the Coronavirus pandemic.

This hasn’t been the only thing Schwarzenegger has done since the outbreak began. He’s been actively updating his social media accounts with videos and photos of his two donkeys.

The donkeys have become so popular that he had a T-shirt designed and is selling them with all proceeds going to After School All Stars. Schwarzenegger explains the organization aims “to provide food for the families we serve while schools are closed.”

It’s great to see people step up and do their parts to help their local hospitals and workers who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re currently quarantined, what are you doing to pass the time? Let us know!