Dario Agger is the current CEO of Roxxon Energy Corporation, the most powerful corporation on Earth in the Marvel Universe, and aims to make as much money as possible without regard for any negative consequences.

Agger is a rather recent creation. He was created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic and first appeared in Thor: God of Thunder #19 in 2014.

When Agger was a child, he spent quite a bit of his time with his family on their own private island in the Aegean Sea. However, when he was nine years old his family was attacked and killed by pirates.

Agger was the lone survivor. He escaped into a nearby cave and prayed for help.

The next morning a statue of a bull appeared in front of him and he was granted the ability to transform into a Minotaur.

He used his newfound power to subdue and capture the pirates who killed his family. He keeps their heads alive and on display on Roxxon Island.

Agger would go on to use his family’s fortune to buy himself the best education available and he would put it to good use.

He would rise to the CEO of Roxxon Energy Corporation after resting control of the company from The Kronas Corporation. His first major project would be the announcement of Roxxon’s Interplanetary Ice Pipeline, which brings ice from Jupiter and transports it to Earth to be consumed as water.

However, the project would not go as planned as Thor upstages Agger by transporting the largest mountain of Jotunheim to Earth.

Agger would engage in a battle of wits, lawyers, and strength with Thor slapping him with injunctions and then plotting to have him killed by Trolls led by Ulik.

This would become his M.O. as he would always find a way either through corrupt legal means or bribes in order to evade paying for any of his crimes.

Not only would Agger never face any kind of justice, his ultimate goal was revealed that included exploiting Earth for as much profit as he can before moving on to another planet where he could do the same.

Agger would remain a thorn in Thor’s side after he acquired the skull of Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants. He would sign a pact with Malekith to gain the mineral rights for all the realms the Dark Elf conquered in exchange for Laufey’s skull.

After signing his pact with Malekith he would join the Dark Council that oversaw Malekith’s various acts of war including the invasion of Alfheim and the massacre of the Light Elves.

Agger would also face competition from competing business companies. He would be attacked by The Silver Samurai and subsequently kidnapped by Oubliette Midas of the Midas Foundation.

Agger would eventually free himself and prevented the Agger Imperative from being enacted, which would see Roxxon Island crash into New York City.

While Agger has typically been shown as a Thor villain, he’s recently played antagonist to Bruce Banner and the Immortal Hulk.

After the Hulk declared war on Roxxon and Agger, and destroyed one of the company’s server farms, Agger recruited Xemnu in order to subdue the Hulk.

The gambit would backfire on Agger. Xemnu eventually consumed Agger and turned him into a deformed creature barely able to speak.

Fortunately, Hulk defeated Xemnu freeing Agger from his control.

However, Agger would go from the frying pan and into the fire as he would fall under The Leader’s control.

Agger’s story is far from over, and given his track record it’s unlikely he will ever pay for his many crimes any time soon.

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