Spike Lee Explains His View On Coronavirus: “The Earth Was Angry At Us”

BlacKkKlansman director Spike Lee, who was at one time rumored to direct a Nightwatch film, views the coronavirus as a response from an angry Earth toward humanity’s actions on the planet.

The director made these comments during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show.

During the interview the director said that man had gone “too far” and the coronavirus outbreak was a form of vengeance from Earth.

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He also saw the outbreak as changing the views of many, comparing the virus to Jesus Christ.

You can listen to Lee’s comments below.

Lee stated, “Look, people are suffering all over the world. And you know what, Joe? There are just some somethings…This has changed the game, changed the world.”

He added, “It’s like before Christ. You know since it’s Easter Friday. Before Christ. After Christ. So Christ. Corona. Before Corona. After Corona. This is changing everything.”

Lee then stated, “And but you know why, the reason why the article is out. How…pollution is clearing up. Skies are clear. Animals are coming out. I mean you know, the Earth was angry at us.”

He continued, “People may think I’m crazy but I believe it in my heart and soul. That we had gone too far and Earth said, ‘Hold up, we gotta change this.'”

He then elaborated detailing that humanity was “killing this planet” and that the Earth had “come alive.”

Lee explained, “Because we were killing this planet. And this time that everything is shut down the Earth has come alive. The water is clear. I mean it’s just like a scientist studied this now. That with nobody driving and all this stuff.”

He continued, “And the other day I read in The New York Times, LA had the clearest air in the world. Los Angeles! There was one day last week they had the cleanest air in the world, LA.”

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Though Spike Lee is seeing a positive impact of the mass quarantines through an environmental lens, he isn’t enjoying the lock-down himself, “I know I can’t stay in long, but I made a movie called Do the Right Thing, on the hottest day in the summer, and I prayed to the almighty God this can’t be happening still in New York in July and August.”

He concluded, “I’m telling you. Eight and a half people, eight and a half million and we’re still inside in July and August. Oh my God. I don’t know how that’s going to work.”

Lee does appear to be taking coroanvirus seriously. On April 8th, he posted a photo of himself wearing a mask on Instagram where he wrote, “U Can F*** Around If You Want To But Dis Shit Iz NO JOKE. U Are Not Only Putting Ya Self In Peril Bt Ya Fam and Friends Too. DO DA RIGHT THANG.”

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Actor Idris Elba appeared on Apple TV+’s “Oprah Talks Corvid-19” and said very similar things about the virus.

Elba told Oprah, “We damaged our world. And it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race.”

He added, “It’s no surprise that a virus has been created that is going to slow us down. And ultimately make us think differently about our world and ourselves. That’s a stand out thing that is very obvious.”

What do you think of this view of the pandemic? Is there an environmental upside to the mass lock downs?


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