According to a recent leak of draft pages for the fifty-ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku’s ability to access Ultra Instinct at will takes both his friends and Moro by surprise.

On April 12th, Dragon Ball news Twitter account DbsHype published rough, unfinished pages of Toyotarou’s art for the upcoming chapter which gave readers their first glimpse of Goku’s newfound control over his Ultra Instinct form.

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The art shows the Saiyan warrior strikes Moro seemingly without moving and dodges the ancient wizard’s ki blasts.

Here’s a good look at the first draft pages:

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And here are the second set of draft pages:

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Dragon Ball Hype also posted a translated summary of the pages, provided by Twitter user @Peraperayume.

According to the summary, Moro is not only surprised by Goku’s new power, but he is also caught off guard by wind pressure attacks generated from the movement of Goku’s fists, as well as the speed and agility granted by the Ultra Instinct form:

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The summary reads, “Shimorekka brought 73 back to Moro’s ship and notices that it seems like “that Saiyan” has arrived. 73 shortly reacts with, “What?”.”

It continues, “As some space ships are passing by, he realized that all of their friends have been caught and wonders what happened down on Earth. Piccolo reacts surprised that Goku can activate Ultra Instinct now at will. Moro didn’t expect Goku to be able to use the “technique of the Gods”.”

“As both are ready to start the fight, Piccolo comments: ‘It’s about the begin: The fight, that will decide Earths’ the entire Universe’s fate!’ The fight starts and Goku hits punches on Moro despite keep standing at the same place,” it adds.

The summary explains, “While Piccolo wonders about that way of attacking, Jaco explains: ‘It’s probably the wind pressure. As he is moving his fist with high speed, it creates the wind, pressure with which he attacks.'”

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It concludes, “Moro acknowledges that attack as “clever” and counters with an explosion from which Goku escapes to the air, only to be followed by further ki blasts from Moro. At the moment the blasts were about to hit him, Goku avoids all them and flies with high-speed towards Moro…”

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 will officially release on April 21, 2020.