After passing the shinsu wall test last week, Bam, Khun, and Rak continue to scale up the Tower, this time encountering a test of time and a ‘bonus’ challenge from the test administrators.

As the herd of regulars climbing the tower begins to thin, viewers are given a chance to get to know the teams and fighters who have passed so far. As the team continues to push forward, the series’ third episode shows that viewers will want to keep following their climb.

Tower of God Episode 3 Review: Should You Spare The Time?

The assorted teams face their third challenge in this episode: with a five-minute time limit, the team must choose the correct exit out of twelve assorted doors. After being given some advice from a highly animated, almost-elastic individual in the waiting room, Khun finds himself frozen as his mind trips over itself attempting to outthink the test.

It is only through a wild application of Rak’s brute force does the team avoid elimination and pass the trial.

Tower of God Episode 3 Review: Should You Spare The Time?

After passing the trial, the administrator of the previous shinsu wall test, Lero Ro appears to congratulate the teams that passed and offer them the chance to participate in a unique competition that will grant them the chance at a faster climb up the Tower.

After agreeing, Lero presents the teams with a ‘King of the Hill’ type game called ‘The Crown Game,’ wherein teams must attempt to steal a crown, wear it, and defend said wearer for a total of five rounds.

As the competition begins, a cloaked girl from across the arena catches Bam’s eye: could it be Rachel, the very person he was looking for?

Tower of God Episode 3 Review: Should You Spare The Time?

During the time trial, Khun takes center stage, as audiences are given a glimpse into his backstory. As his brain attempts to out-clever the test, Khun begins to flashback to a time where his family fell, disgraced, because of his sister’s failure to be chosen to ascend the tower.

Joining Bam’s motivation to find Rachel, it seems that Khun’s goal in climbing the tower is to redeem his family name. This motivation provides a good balance to Khun’s high-level skills and knowledge, showing that these abilities are an attempt to mask his own insecurities and fears.

Tower of God Episode 3 Review: Should You Spare The Time?

As I’m sure readers of previous Tower of God episode reviews already know, the series’ art direction remains the highlight of the series.

Each area is given it’s own distinct personality, from the dark, void-like room in which the third test takes place to the gladiatorial arena where the Crown Game takes place, with computer graphics being used to accent the drawn artwork rather than replace it.

After asking for more action in the review of episode two, Tower of Gods delivers a beautifully animated combat scene featuring Anak Zahard’s extraordinary whip skills.

It’s also worth noting that the characters remain consistently on model, even in instances where such a mistake would otherwise be unnoticed, particularly in the lively animation of Mr. Neonbag.

Tower of God Episode 3 Review: Should You Spare The Time?

The Verdict

Overall, the series continues at an excellent pace, with episode three managing to pull back on the exposition and balance it with more active scenes, such as tests and battles. One could write an entire review solely on the art style, but I’m sure readers will hear no end to its praise in the coming weeks. After all, you’ve passed the third test: there’s no reason to stop now. Especially when things are just starting to heat up.

Tower of God Episode 3 Review: Should You Spare The Time?
  • Art continues to be beautiful
  • Tension and action to break up exposition
  • Rak's performance continues to be a highlight
  • 'Chibi' scenes feel a little out of place, but not distracting.
9Overall Score
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