Crunchyroll in partnership with Viz Media and anime game developer Gaudium announced Grand Alliance, a new anime-inspired RPG Brawler.

The game will follow the story of Amelia Ravensburg and her allies as they seek to restore the Alycon Empire.

The Alycon Empire, once a prosperous kingdom is now controlled by a tyrant traitor, and the five noble houses that made up the Empire now plot, scheme and war with each other to gain control of the Spires. The Spires are the source of all powerful magic in the world.

The game allows players to control up to three heroes as they fight legions of enemies. In order to defeat your opponents players drag and drop skills including ultimate abilities. The combat is not turn-based.

Crunchyroll explains success will be determined by “precise movement and timing the rights skills.”

Characters in the game will be customizable with different abilities based on skills that you acquire as the game progresses. Like most RPGs their equipment can also be customized.

As for the characters they will consist of a number of classes and you can mix and match different characters to form your team of three.

Like most mobile games, Grand Alliance will also feature a PvP Arena, where you can compete against other players. In this format, you can use up to nine characters to fight against other players.

The game will be available on Android and iOS devices across the world except in East Asia.

Players can pre-register for the game on Crunchyroll’s website found here.

There are a number of pre-registration perks.

  • 10,000 Pre-registrations – 25,000 Currency
  • 20,000 Pre-registrations – Class Emblem Set, Includes 25 Class Emblems for Warrior, Skirmisher, Mage, and Gunner
  • 30,000 Pre-registrations – 250 Free Gems
  • 40,000 Pre-registrations – The 5-Star Mage Skill : Gravity Bomb
  • 45,000 Pre-registrations – Hero Clarissa
  • 50,000 Pre-registrations – 1,000 Free Gems

What do you make of Grand Alliance? Do you plan on checking it out and pre-registering?