Miles Luna, co-creator of RWBY and current Head Writer of Animation at Rooster Teeth, has claimed that Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Tifa Lockhart is a “prostitute” based on her slightly revealing outfit.

On April 16th, Luna shared his thoughts on the newly released FF7R, stating that it’s a “weird game” because “sometimes you fight monsters, sometimes you look for cats with your prostitute friend,” referencing a side quest in which Tifa and a player-controlled Cloud search the Sector 7 slums for a child’s missing pets.

RWBY Co-Creator and Rooster Teeth Head Writer Miles Luna Call’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Tifa Lockhart a “Prostitute” Based on Her Outfit


Despite the fact that her Remake design shows significantly less skin than her original appearance, Luna stated that his assertion was based solely on “her outfit”, particularly when “compared to literally every other person in this town.”

RWBY Co-Creator and Rooster Teeth Head Writer Miles Luna Call’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Tifa Lockhart a “Prostitute” Based on Her Outfit

Luna’s claim comes despite the fact that Square Enix actively attempted to desexualize elements of Tifa’s appearance in her Remake design, including slightly reducing the size of her breasts and adding a black undershirt and thigh-high socks to her outfit.

These tweets were quickly met with a wave of backlash from both RWBY and Final Fantasy who took issue with Luna’s apparent hypocrisy, citing the appearances of RWBY characters such as Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna who regularly wear more revealing outfits than Tifa, and his sexist interpretation of a woman as a prostitute based on her clothing:

Many also found Luna’s comments to be outright disrespectful due to the fact that not only was late RWBY co-creator Monty Oum a massive fan of the character, featuring her heavily in his popular Dead Fantasy animation series, but RWBY’s protagonist, the aforementioned Yang Xiao Long, drew heavy inspiration from the Final Fantasy brawler.

Ultimately, Luna deleted his tweets and buried an apology in a reply to a Twitter user, stating that “upon reflection I agreed that it was a joke made in poor taste” because “having Tifa singled out definitely made it seem like I was specifically picking on her.”

What do you make of Luna’s original comments regarding Tifa? Do you think he was joking as he claims he was?

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