Dragon Ball Super Voice Actress Jamie Marchi Claims Anti-Quarantine Protestors Hope “There Will Be School Shootings Again” In Order to “Sell More Guns”

Dragon Ball Super and A Certain Scientific Railgun voice actress Jamie Marchi recently claimed that Americans protesting their states’ quarantine laws in the face of the coronavirus pandemic wish for the social distancing restrictions to be lifted “so there will be school shootings again” in the hopes that “they can sell more guns.”

On April 16th, Vox reporter Aaron Rupar shared a recent clip of Dr. Oz discussing the prospect of ‘re-opening’ the United States with the anchor of The Sean Hannity Show, conservative political commentator Sean Hannity.

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Rupar highlighted a statement from Oz arguing that “the opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3%, in terms of total mortality” and that it “ might be a tradeoff some folks would consider.”

Rupar’s tweet was in turn retweeted by prominent feminist and social justice theory Twitter account ‘feminist next door’, who described the clip as being “new from the I deserve my guns more than kids deserve to live crowd.”

Feminist next door’s retweet prompted Marchi to respond with a bizarre anti-gun argument that the protestors only wanted the restrictions lifted so that “there will be school shootings again,” which would in turn lead to them selling “more guns”:

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In response to criticism that her remark may have been in poor taste, Marchi claimed that the criticism came because she is a woman.

She states, “Everything I say is offensive to most of these trolls. I’m not shutting up because they’re shedding snowflakes everywhere.”

What do you make of Marchi’s comments?

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