Twitch streamer Alinity received a 24 hour suspension after she flashed one of her boobs while adjusting her top.

Twitch issued the suspension on April 25th, following the incident on April 24th that caused a social media uproar with the clip being widely shared by Keemstar.

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It didn’t take long for Twitter to react, as the clip went viral. Users piled on, expecting that Alinity wouldn’t be disciplined at all.

Keemstar tweeted, “Alinity throws cats stream, no ban. Flashes tits on stream no ban….”

A user named Ari Gameplays replied that she was banned twice for 30 days each, simply for showing cleavage and sitting in her chair.

Alinity would respond to Keemstar on one occasion.

She also seems to be taking the suspension in stride.

In fact, following the issuance of her 24 hours suspension, Alinity took to Twitter to declare that she believes the suspension isn’t “long enough.”

She added, “I’m actually trying to get it extended to 3 days.”

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She then declared that she would self-impose a 3-day suspension.

The goal might be obvious for Alinity. Try and rebuild a reputation marred in controversy.

She seems to think that by petitioning Twitch to extend her ban unsuccessfully, and then “self imposing” will do just that.

However, some people believe this is a PR move on the streamer’s part.

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It’s possible Alinity might try and follow in Amouranth’s footsteps last September. Following a 3-day ban, Amouranth saw her subscriber count increase by over 410,000 new followers.

Amouranth claimed that her ban caused her to become “more relevant that everything I’ve ever done combined.”

However, those subscriber numbers would be seemingly shortlived as Dexerto reports Amouranth would lose over 300,000 subscribers by the beginning of November 2019.

It’s doubtful that this will change many minds who have been following Alinity for a time, although it’s possible it might introduce people to her, who might not have ever heard of her before.

What this situation does highlight is how inconsistently Twitch handles enforcement of its TOS with certain creators.

It remains to be seen how both Twitch and Alinity will be viewed going forward.

What do you make of Alinity’s 24-hour suspension and subsequent 3-day self-imposed ban?

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