Chris Ferguson, a Professor of Psychology at Stetson University, authored a piece on Psychology Today where he argued that Orcs were not racist.

Now, he’s under attack from progressive elements for defending his view that the fictional race of Orcs, as seen in popular games like Dungeons & Dragons as well as most works of fantasy in literature, are not a racist concept.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

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Last week elements of progressive nerd culture attempted to describe the Orcs as racist. Many called these elements out for what was an obvious projection on their part for making such wild comparisons.

Dr. Ferguson also responded to the description by writing an article in Psychology Today with the headline “No, Orcs Aren’t Racist.”

The article goes on to break down where the recent outrage about orcs stem from pointing to a article and a trending tweet. It goes on to point out three of the common arguments people were making in an attempt to paint Orcs as racist.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Dr. Ferguson then breaks down each argument proving why they don’t work and don’t make sense. He concludes his article writing, “No, orcs aren’t racist, and D&D isn’t promoting racism.”

He continues, “There’s no good scientific evidence to back up the claims of this new woke wave of moral outrage and policing.”

He adds, “There are real issues around race and racial inequities we need to work on in the US and across the world. But as far as D&D goes, let’s try to tune out society’s moral entrepreneurs as best we can and get back to gaming.”

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After publishing the article, Doctor Ferguson was accused of being a slavery apologist and a white supremacist by Monkey’s Paw Games Nicholas Masyk and the official Swordsfall Twitter account.

Others would also add their comments as documented by Twitter user Lyde15.

One person even called for Ferugson to delete the article in Psychology Today, delete his comments about the subject on Twitter and “consider that maybe as a white man you’re not qualified to write about race in any capacity.”


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Ferguson responded to a number of the attacks. He first responded to Brandon Leon-Gambetta after sharing the article on Twitter.

He wrote, “And we have the inevitable reply, which goes straight to the ad hominem. Essentially the argument is that I raise concerns in other articles that are not consistent with the ideology…this is exactly my concern with the thought rigidity of wokeness.”

In a subsequent tweet he added, “So apparently the dude @ me on his ad hominem attacks, then when I responded pointing out they are ad hominem, blocked me. Nice. This is the way these folks operate.”

In a separate thread he added, “So, looks like some dude got unhinged because I published something that conflicts with his personal views.”

He continued, “TBC, I am interested in good data, even on controversial topics. I do not advocates for GamerGate, spanking or (hard to believe this needs to be said) slavery.”

He continued, “It’s exactly this kind of behavior we need to stand up against, whatever our personal beliefs. These individuals resort to slander and bullying in support of their ideological beliefs.”

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Ferguson would then address the accusations of slavery apologism from Nicholas Masyk and Monkey’s Paw Games.

He wrote, “And once again the woke go straight to “slavery apologist” language rather than any serious engagement. It’s this kind of nonsense bad behavior (with its own racialized) overtones that has done progressivism so much damage.”

He would then address the overall criticism he was recieving.

He wrote, “The difficulty over orcs reveals the trouble that the far left (or some thereof) have in framing any kind of dialogue as any disagreement being anything other than “white supremacy.”

He followed that up writing, “The problem too is that these folks seem to have *no idea* the degree to which it turns people off and, in some case, moves them into the camp of Trump, etc., cuz they get tired of this.”

He wrote, “Correct, smear tactics from an individual for whom critique of his personal views appears to be highly threatening.”

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Fantasy fiction has been under siege the last few years with the depiction of orcs being one of the main points of contention. They use orcs to go after fantasy greats like J.R.R Tolkien, claiming that they are promoting racism or their depiction is racist.

But it hasn’t just been orcs. Fired Marvel Comics and Star Wars author Chuck Wendig declared the entire genre of epic fantasy was “too white and male and straight” insinuating that the genre needs to have self-imposed diversity quotas.

What do you make of these attacks against Dr. Ferguson and his response?

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