The Batman and Westworld Actor Jeffrey Wright Says Comedian Terrence K. Williams “Plays The Role Of An Historical K**n”

Westworld and The Batman actor Jeffrey Wright is no stranger to stirring up controversy online with his opinions. His latest comments are directed at entertainer Terrence K. Williams, who Wright says is “playing the role of an historical k**n.”

As first reported by Hollywood In Toto, Wight’s comments come after Williams announced Deplorable’s Saturday Night would air on May 9th and detailed that “Hollywood shut the door in [his] face after he came out for supporting Donald Trump.

Williams wrote on Twitter, “When I came out as a Trump Supporter Hollywood shut the door in my face. They told me I was not allowed to be on Saturday Night Live.”

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In response to Williams announcing Deplorable’s Saturday Night, Wright wrote, “This is beautiful. In the past, talented black folks played the k**n as an excuse to make money.”

He added, “Today, k**ns play themselves as an excuse for lack of talent.”

The two would then exchange barbs back and forth.

Williams fired back at Wright describing Wright as a D list actor. He also wrote, “You are upset because y’all can’t control me & I can think for myself!”

He added, “You are upset that I’m a young successful black who comes from nothing and didn’t need the help of the Hollywood elites.”

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Wright would respond writing, “I don’t hate you. You hate yourself. I have no desire to control you.”

He then added, “Just pointing out the historical context for your behavior. You can do better.”

Williams responded in turn. He wrote, “It must hurt! You sold your soul to Hollywood and ended becoming a Z-List Actor.”

He continued, “Too bad the devil will not give you your soul back because you most likely spent the money on drugs and alcohol.”

The two continued their exchange. Wright wrote, “My point, Terrence Williams, is have more faith in yourself. You’ve been though difficult days. Ok. But no white savior will give you more than you can give to yourself. Stay safe.”

In a subsequent tweet, he would correct his typo.

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Williams then responded, “Wow Jeffrey Wright you are calling President Trump my White Savior ?”

He continued, “I hear you Sleep with White Woman but you don’t want me Supporting a White President! You sound like Don Lemon, he sleep with a white man but he’s mad I’m Supporting a White President.”

Williams concluded, “MAKE THIS MAKE SENSE!”

Wright would then claim that Terrence was “playing the role of an historical k**n.”

He wrote, “No, bro. I’m saying that you’re playing the role of an historical k**n. Could be Donald Trump or any other ‘great white savior’ that you submit yourself to.”

Wright concluded, “Either way, ultimately, it won’t work in your best interest, because they don’t care. Neither do defenders like this…”

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Wright isn’t the only one who has gone after Williams recently. Comedian Christopher Titus called Williams’ Cinco De Mayo video “pretty racist.”

Titus would then double down describing Williams as a self hating black man.

Jeffrey Wright recently starred in Season 3 of Westworld as Bernard Lowe. He will also reprise his role as CIA agent Felix Leiter in the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die. He will also take on the role of James Gordon in the upcoming The Batman film from Matt Reeves.

What do you make of Wright’s comments and his back and forth with Williams?

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