YouTuber That Star Wars Girl and Cosplayer Wanderlust Luca Accused Of Racism Over Starfire Cosplay

YouTuber That Star Wars Girl and cosplayer Wanderlust Luca were accused of being racists over a Starfire cosplay.

Wanderlust Luca, a self-described amateur cosplayer from the Netherlands recently shared her Starfire cosplay to Instagram.

In her first post she wrote, “Starfire from Teen Titans. This cosplay is a little different from most of my League cosplays. Hope you like me cosplaying something else.”

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She would go on to share a number of other photos of her in her Starfire cosplay.

The photos drew the attention of YouTuber That Star Wars Girl who shared them to Twitter writing, “When cosplayers do it better than the studios can…”

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She added, “Btw this girl is awesome! Been following her on insta for a while now & she absolutely nails it every time.”

For that both That Star Wars Girl and Wanderlust Luca were attacked as racists.

Twitter user @jceygar would describe them in multiple tweets as racists.

Another Twitter user would also describe That Star Wars Girl, Wanderlust Luca, and That Star Wars Girl’s followers as racists.

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Twitter user @Kryptony would also accuse That Star Wars Girl of being a racist writing, “Do it better because she’s not black? Star fire is orange, not white. Racist.”

Others also added to the accusations.

One person even accused Wanderlust Luca of donning black face.

That Star Wars Girl would do a video documenting a number of people calling her and Wanderlust Luca racist for the cosplay and subsequent tweet praising it.

Wanderlust Luca also detailed stated that she was accused of racism for liking a tweet from a person that preferred her Starfire cosplay to the designs seen in DC Universe’s Titans show.

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Here’s the tweet in question.

And rest assured people were accusing UmbraSelana and Wanderlust Luca of racism.

That Star Wars Girl would address the situation with a video on YouTube.

What do you think of Wanderlust Luca’s Starfire cosplay and That Star Wars Girl’s comments?

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