Actor Kevin James known for his long-running sitcom The King of Queens and voicing Frankenstein in Hotel Transylvania created a video mocking social distancing Karens.

The video which has been viewed over 2 million times at the time of writing sees James playing a man named Marcus who is on the run from government authorities after shaking hands with one of his friends, Ted.

The clip begins with Marcus and Ted fleeing government authorities who have unleashed dogs into the woods as well as a helicopter to track them down.

They eventually hide behind a tree and you can hear James’ Marcus ask, “Why did you shake my hand?” Ted is in full panic mode saying he can’t flee anymore and that he’s going to die.

Ted eventually succumbs to his fear and flees from their hiding position. It’s unclear what happens to him, but it sounds like the dogs get to him.

Shortly after Ted is subdued, the helicopter finds James’ Marcus and demands he surrender.

The clip then flashes back to six hours before Marcus’ surrender. He’s calmly sitting on a bench when Ted jogs by. The two have a brief conversation then Marcus tells Ted they should grab dinner sometime. As they are about to part ways the two of them shake hands.

In the middle of their handshake they look to their side and a man, with a mask covering his face, is calling 9-11 on the two for shaking hands and violating social distancing guidelines.

Two other women show up both with masks that begin documenting the handshake with their cellphones and cameras.

After hearing the man report them to the police, Marcus simply says, “Run.”

Check out the short titled “Out of Touch” for yourself:

What do you make of the short?