A new rumor details that Hollywood Studios want to ban President Donald Trump from using pop culture memes.

President Trump and his supporters are no stranger to using Hollywood films to create memes to promote himself and his initiatives.

Most recently, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale announced the title of their political campaign is titled Death Star. While announcing the name of the campaign he also shared a gif of the Death Star from Star Wars.

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Back in December, the campaign also tweeted out a meme of Donald Trump’s head superimposed on top of Marvel Comics villain Thanos.

In April 2019, the Trump campaign also used music from The Dark Knight Rises in a Twitter campaign video. The video would subsequently be removed by Twitter with Warner Bros. claiming they would be pursuing legal action.

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The video was a two minute clip featuring Hans Zimmer’s “Why Do We Fall” with the font from the film’s title card.

The video reportedly stated, “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they call you a racist. Donald J. Trump. Your vote. Proved them all wrong. Trump: The Great Victory. 2020.”

In November 2018, Trump shared a meme referencing Game of Throne’s classic saying Winter is Coming.

As you can see below, the meme shows Trump walking and across his chest it reads “Sanctions are Coming.”

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It’s not just Trump and his campaign that use pop culture references. His supporters do as well.

One that gained significant play was a video meme based off the church massacre scene in Kingsman: The Secret Service. The meme shows Donald Trump gunning down a host of news organizations.

It appears these memes have gotten to a number of executives and leaders at heads of major Hollywood Studios if this new rumor is to be believed.

One America News Network’s Jack Posobiec is the source of the rumor. He explains, “Scooplet: Hollywood source tells me major studio heads are passing around a ‘letter’ to sign calling for Trump to never again post meme videos using their movies.”

He notes that some of those Hollywood Studios include “Disney, Sony, WB, Universal, Lionsgate, etc.”

What do you make of this rumor? Do you think this letter will be effective in stopping President Trump and his campaign from sharing meme videos?