Actor Sylvester Stallone announced he will be hosting a Rocky Watch Party.

Stallone made the announcement on Instagram with a short video of his character running up the “Rocky Steps” in Philadelphia.

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He wrote, “Yo, my great friend and I get to meet again tomorrow afternoon. Don’t miss it! I’ll be there LIVE, for the screening of Rocky !!!”

The Watch Party will be hosted on MGM’s official Facebook account. You can find it here:

It starts at 7 PM ET and 4 PM PT.

This will be the first in a series of screenings from Creative Artists Agency’s “Screening Room with the Stars.”

The series will benefit communities impacted by COVID-19. During the screening viewers will have the opportunity to donate to a number of organizations including the World Health Organization, #FirstRespondersFirst, DonorsChoose, and America’s Food Fund.

Not only is Stallone hosting this Rocky Watch Party, but he’s also hard at work on the TV adaptation of Chuck Dixon’s Levon Cade series.

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Deadline reported back in October 2018 that Stallone was working on adapting it.

The Levon Cade series follows Levon Cade, a former Marine, who became a construction worker. Cade eventually becomes a mercenary and metes out vigilante justice. In the novel, Levon’s Trade, Cade hunts for a missing college student and uncovers a vast criminal conspiracy.

While the show was initially announced in 2018, Dixon recently provided an update earlier this month that the series is moving along in production and that he has seen the first episode script.

Dixon posted to Facebook, “It’s moving along. Got the first episode script last week.” He then shared an image of the first page of the script:

As you can see it appears the first season will be based on Dixon’s first novel in the Levon Cade series, Levon’s Trade.

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Dixon and Stallone have a healthy relationship. Dixon is also working on a new Expendables project, The Expendables Go To Hell, with his long-time Batman companion Graham Nolan. They are also joined by Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer.

The Expendables Go To Hell is a graphic novel that takes place between The Expendables 2 and The Expendables 3.  Back in February Dixon explained the story to us:

“Hell is War! Barney Ross is wounded on the battlefield and awakens in the land of the damned where he’s joined by a few of the other Expendables along with some of history’s fiercest warriors in a fight against Satan himself and an army of villain’s from five thousand years of warfare! And, as always, the Expendables are at the point of the spear in a war for eternity itself!”

The book has currently raised $220,993 from 3,246 backers on IndieGoGo. It is still available to back through In-Demand.

Do you plan on tuning in to the Rocky Watch Party? Are you looking forward to what Stallone has in the works with Levon’s Trade?