The Children of the X-Men Part 5: Magneto and Professor X

We’ve reached the end of our journey, true believers! It’s only fitting that it’s with two of the elder statesmen of the mutant community. Professor Xavier and Magneto. At first glance, it’s hard to imagine that either scholar is much of a lady’s man – but don’t let their appearances fool you. They slay.

Both men have multiple children over various timelines and even a couple in the main Earth-616 continuity. Since they’ve begun to proliferate, they’ve been the victim of a retcon or two, one more than the other – but we won’t let that or the whims of a certain Marvel executive spoil our fun.

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Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

The origins of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are… muddled, at best. In an attempt to separate the characters from their X-Men roots, Marvel Entertainment – and seemingly studio executives as well – retconned their story. At the time, the X-Men movie rights belonged to 20th Century Fox, and for reasons I can’t comprehend, Marvel Studios couldn’t help but utilize these two in particular.

I’ll try my best to make sense of their origin without stumbling over the artificial stuff. Magneto and his wife, Magda, attempted to live quiet lives in Carpathia. Together they bore a daughter, Anya, however, she perished in the same fire that outed Magneto as a mutant.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

Magda, distraught over the loss of her daughter and Magneto’s true nature, left him. Magda later gave birth to the twins and disappeared – presumably driven mad by the recent events in her life. Again, most of this has been retconned and undermined.

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Pietro and Wanda would then be raised by a Romanian couple, the Maximoffs until they came of age and their powers manifested. They’d later come into contact with Magneto when he rescues the two from a violent mob of villagers. Still unaware of their relation to him, they joined the Brotherhood of Mutants.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

It wasn’t until years later after Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch joined the Avengers did they discover that Magneto was their father. The two went on to forge families of their own. Quicksilver married the Inhuman princess, Crystal, and together produced a daughter, Luna.

Wanda married the android Vision. Through the use of her hex powers and chaos magic, she twisted reality to make it possible for her to be impregnated by the artificial man. She eventually gave birth to twin boys, Tommy and Billy. However, that’s not exactly what happened.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

The powers she used to create her family originated from the hell lord, Mephisto. Being fragments of his soul, he eventually reabsorbed the two children. The two boys’ spirits would then be retroactively reincarnated into two different families and grew to eventually become known as the Young Avengers, Speed, and Wiccan.


The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

Lorna Dane –  quite possibly the most obvious of Magneto’s children – is the result of an out-of-marriage relationship Magneto had with her mother Suzanna. Years after Lorna’s birth, Suzanna and her husband quarreled over the paternity of their child while inside of their private plane. The argument disturbed young Lorna so much it caused her powers to manifest.

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The plane crashed killing both adults, but Lorna survived. Magneto was attracted by the magnetic disturbance, investigated, and in the process saved Lorna. Instead of taking her in, he had her memories erased and replaced by his cohort, the mutant villain named, Mastermind.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

Magneto had the same done to Lorna’s aunt and uncle which allowed him to place the child with them to raise as their own. Lorna didn’t encounter Magneto again until she became an adult, and her powers had fully matured. The truth of their relationship was proven and disproven at least twice before the truth was finally revealed.


Though it is unproven, the Savage Land villain Priestess Zaladane (Zala Dane) may also be a daughter of Magneto – presumably the result of an affair with a native woman. Or as Zaladane claims, another child of Lorna’s mother. However, after Zaladane attempted to manipulate the planet’s magnetic field, she was killed by Magneto for her treachery.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

We already spoke about his child with Rogue during the Age of Apocalypse timeline. Just to cover that – his name was Charles, obviously named after Professor-X who died years before, the catalyst that manifested the twisted timeline.



The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

David Charles Haller, best known as Legion, is the son of Professor-X and an Israeli diplomat named Gabrielle Haller. David was born unbeknownst to the Professor and wasn’t discovered until his powers lashed out following a terrorist attack.

As trauma does with latent mutants – David’s powers emerged after witnessing the death of his step-father. David isn’t just the first of Xavier’s children – he’s by far the most powerful. As a child he originally displayed three high-level psionic abilities – telepathy, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

Each ability was controlled by a separate personality – created from mind imprints left behind from the terrorists whose psyches he eviscerated during the attack. After recovering from a coma, he was placed in the care of Dr. Moira MacTaggert on Muir Island.

The Shadow King would eventually possess the young man and rampage across the island before he was defeated by the X-Men. Sadly, however, David’s mind was seemingly lost. Years later, now back in Israel, David’s mind reconstituted. Though somewhat immature in places – he was whole.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

David, wishing to help make the world better to please his father, traveled back into the past to murder Magneto before he could damage human-mutant relations. In the process, he accidentally killed his father instead. This act created the Age of Apocalypse timeline – a world largely under the rule of Apocalypse.

The time-traveling mutant, Bishop, was able to hold onto an image of his former self and led a plan to correct the timeline. He traveled to the moment David killed his father and stopped him – killing David in the process. David would later be reincarnated by Magik as she sought a weapon strong enough to kill her enemies, the Elder Gods.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

Back amongst the living, David reconnected with his father as they attempted to make him whole. You see, David’s power had fully manifested beyond what they were. He, for the most part, could now manipulate reality – something he used to gift himself many powers, and individual personas to control each of them. Many of which were freely rampaging throughout the planet.

The last time we saw David he was attempting to assist the X-Men against the equally powerful psionic mutant god, Nate Grey – also known as X-Man. He was able to trap Nate within his mind for a while, but upon his escape, the two mutants merged bodies.

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David and Nate would eventually be separated. Nate remained within an artificial world or “pocket universe” he populated with his mutants, but David hasn’t been seen since the creation of Krakoa.


The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

Years ago, when Professor-X was the royal consort of Lillandra, the Empress of the Shi’ar Empire, the two’s genetics were used to produce a child. However, the offspring was not brought to term until well after both parents had died.

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Sometime later, hoping to plug the power vacuum within the empire, the egg was brought out of hiding by its caretaker, and X-Man ally, Cerise. After requesting assistance from the X-Men – Gambit and Rogue stepped up to help deliver the egg to safety.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

During transport, in no small thanks to Deadpool’s interference, the egg hatched as a fully functioning adolescent. Though she psionically aped Rogue’s appearance at first – she soon recorded the memories of Rogue and Gambit, adopted her own look, and named herself Xandra, in honor of both of her parents.

Charles Xavier II

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

Mystique is one of the most prolific mutant parents out there. Outside of Graydon Creed, Nightcrawler, and adopting Rogue – Raven also has children with two X-Men, though one is from an alternate universe. One is named Raze. He is a possible product of a future relationship with Wolverine. Raze’s half-brother, Charles Xavier II, unlike him, is an Earth-616 child.

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After the death of Professor X it was revealed that Mystique and he had secretly been married years before. Together, they produced Charles. In true X-Man tradition, he was born in secret and given up for adoption by Mystique. Currently, his whereabouts are unknown – in the future, however, he grew up and joined his brother Raze to form the Brotherhood.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

You will notice that Colossus has a bizarre smile as he stabs someone. Please excuse the Bendis-era of X-Men.

A powerful telepath, Charles and Raze traveled to the present with their Brotherhood, and manipulated future X-Men, in hopes of creating a utopia for all subjugated mutants from the multi-verse. Obviously, their plans were thwarted. This future version of Charles is in the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Xavi Neramani

The Children of the X-Men, Part 4

In the X-Men: The End universe, Xavier and Lilandra produced a son named Xavi, and – you guessed it – she never told him. Xavi doesn’t have much story but seemed to be timid. In that story Lilandra is murdered by Xavier’s twin-sister, Cassandra Nova. Nova then took over Xavi’s body. The child soon after died during combat.

Wow… that was a lot, right? There are other children from the X-Men to explore – sadly most only show up once and some don’t even have names. Mostly because they appear as cameos in glimpses of the future.

I hoped you’ve learned something from our journey and look forward to taking another with you. Let us know what you think below!

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