Artist Linkartoon is the latest in a string of artists who have come under siege for their creations.

Linkartoon recently shared his Black Widow design done in the DC Superhero Girls style.

Linkartoon wrote, “I like the design of the DC superhero girls, so I thought about how Black Widow would look xD.”

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They added, “For this I relied on an illustration Scott Campbell made, I did this just for fun, so I hope you like it :D”

You can see the illustration below.

Here’s a better look.

And here’s the original J. Scott Campbell design that Linkartoon used as inspiration. It was a variant cover for Black Widow #1.

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In response to this design, a number of people began berating Linkartoon claiming they were sexualizing the character.

One person demanded Linkartoon delete the drawing. They wrote, “This is gross. STOP SEXUALIZING HER! she’s a badass and how can you expect her to fight like this or even breathe??”

They added, “this is disgusting, delete or make a better version, a realistic version. you don’t see drawing like that for the male superheroes, these drawings are very sexist.”

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Others questioned where her organs are.

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One person would claim that since Black Widow is a symbol of feminism to some people “she shouldn’t be sexualised.”

Linkartoon would respond to a couple of their critics noting that the actual designs from DC Super Hero Girls are not what humans look like.

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They also indicated they did not plan to apologize.

What do you make of Linkartoon’s design?

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