Star Wars website writer Alex Kane, who wrote a number of articles about replaying classic Star Wars games like Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, Republic Commando, and X-Wing Alliance claims he was fired from writing for the site for his support of Rose Tico.

Kane took to Twitter earlier this month where he wrote, “Finally got removed from the contributors section of Star Wars dot com for… not liking one bad movie.”

He added, “I wrote for them for almost three years; it’s a bummer.”

Kane then detailed that Disney was attempting to silence him.

He explained, “Anyways, freelancers: all you have is your voice, and companies like Disney will absolutely work to silence it the minute you speak the truth about anything. Stay honest.”

He then detailed that he was fired because of his support for Rose Tico.

Kane wrote, “To be clear, this was a small, symbolic gesture that affects little. And yet I’ve known it was coming since the moment I tweeted #RoseTicoDeservedBetter.”

He added, “But if they wait a few months, they can just deny this. I’ll be fine.”

He elaborated, “I knew this would happen the moment I joined in with the WheresRose crowd, but it still hurts. It’s symbolic — but ugly and petty.”

Kane then detailed that was “the lowest-paying client I’ve worked with in the last four years.”

He also indicated that he hadn’t written for the site since “November or December.”

Searching his profile, which is still available on, his last article was published on December 12, 2019 titled “How Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Connects To The Larger World of Star Wars.” Before that he had not written for the website since September when he wrote an article titled “10 Essential Star Wars Games You Can Play Right Now.”

Kane would explain that his work is still featured on the website and his profile can still be viewed, but that he was removed from their featured contributors section found at the bottom of their News + Blog category.

What do you make of Kane’s claims?