Crunchyroll revealed quite a bit of new details about their upcoming original series The God of High School based off the WEBTOON comic created by Yongje Park.

On top of releasing a new character trailer, which you can see above, they also revealed new character cards for the anime’s characters and brief descriptions of the three main characters in the show: Jim Mori, Han Daewi, and Yoo Mira.

Jin Mori

Jim Mori is a 16-year-old who was trained by his grandfather in renewal taekwondo, a fighting style that is described as “undefeatable.”  And it would seem that’s the case as he boasts a record of 297 wins and 2 draws in a total of 299 fights.

However, he is defeated by Judge R, a tournament judge for the God of High School tournament. Jin’s loss to Judge R inspires him to join the God of High School tournament, which is described as an “interdisciplinary martial arts competition.” One loss will not set him back from becoming the greatest fighter of all.

Han Daewi

Han Daewi is a high schooler who is struggling to cover medical costs for his Woo Seung-Tae partner. He’s taken on a part-time job, but it doesn’t provide enough income to cover his partner’s daily medical let alone fund researchers in finding a cure.

He joins the God of High School tournament in order to help save his friend.

Yoo Mira

Yoo Mira is a 25th Master of the Moon Light Sword Style.

She pretends to be weak and frail, but is an expert swordsman and has been training with a sword since she was a child.

She decided to enter the God of High School tournament in order to resurrect her family’s sword style. However, she’s been told in order to do so she has to marry a strong and tough man.

Crunchyroll also showed off character cards for Park Mujin and Park Ilpyo.

Take a look.

And here’s Park Ilpyo.

Here’s the official description for The God of High School:

“The God of High School” is an action-packed series that follows a high schooler and his friends as they compete in an epic tournament, borrowing power directly from the gods and uncovering a mysterious organization along the way… With the promise of their heart’s deepest desires, motivating their tournament victory.”

The series is produced by MAPPA and is expected to be released on Crunchyroll in July.

What do you make of this latest trailer? Do you plan on checking out The God of High School?