Artist Dalton “Checkers” Barrett recently showed off a couple of his Superman designs for Henry Cavill.

Barrett shared his first design earlier this month with Cavill’s Superman in an iconic Superman pose as he charges high into the sky with his right arm raised.

He wrote, “Wanted to try my hand at another Superman design!”

He then added, “Would you guys like a modern classic look like this one?”

As you can see below the design is very similar to Superman’s current outfit in DC Comics. There are some small changes including Supes’ belt. In Barrett’s design the belt has a blue aesthetic and is actually a full belt rather than just a buckle.

There are also yellow highlights on Superman’s boots as well as the clasps on his cape. He also has gold cuffs.

For comparison, here’s the current Superman design as seen in DC Comics’ Superman #21.

Barrett would also share what he describes as a “more modern version” of his Superman design.

This design is more reminiscent of DC Comics’ Superman design during Rebirth and The New 52.

Here’s the Rebirth design for comparison.

There are some differences. Again Barrett features the yellow clasps on his cape and the golden cuffs.

He alters the House of El symbol giving it a black background with a gold outline instead of the yellow background and the red outline.

The belt is also different. Barrett gives Superman a House of El buckle. It’s also a full red belt with black and yellow highlights.

His pants and sleeves are also changed with a black and blue aesthetic rather than the full blue.

Superman is also wearing boots instead of a onesie.

And here’s what The New 52 Superman design looked like.

Again there are some changes. Barrett’s version has the black and blue aesthetic on the suit while The New 52 is a full blue suit.

The New 52 design does feature a full belt, but it doesn’t have the House of El buckle nor the yellow and black trim.

The New 52 Superman also features red boots with a stylistic design rather than the plain blue boots that look like rain boots in Barrett’s design.

The House of El crest is also different.

What do you make of Barrett’s Superman suit designs? Which one is your favorite? What is your favorite Superman suit?

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