Art Sqool and Lovely Weather We’re Having developer Julian Glander has requested that Valve remove his games from the Steam storefront, accusing them of choosing “not to address the Black Lives Matter movement,” ignoring the many public steps the company has taken to support black creators.

On June 11th, Glander sent a request to Valve requesting that his two games, Art Sqool and Lovely Weather We’re Having be pulled from the Steam platform, taking issue with how Steam allegedly failed “to make even a broad and generic statement about racial justice” and declaring that “it’s clearer than ever that the owners of this platform feel beholden to a base of angry white male gamers.”

In the attached image Glander wrote, “Over the past few weeks, Steam and Valve have chosen not to address the Black Lives Matter movement, failing to make even a broad and generic statement about racial justice. It’s clearer than ever that the owners of this platform feel beholden to a base of angry white male gamers.”

“This makes me especially sad because I feel that some of these people are the people most need to hear the message of Black Lives Matter. Obviously as a company you guys can do whatever you want but I find having my games associated with the Steam platform to be embarrassing and a little nauseating,” he continued.

He then concluded writing, “Please retire both of my games (ART SQOOL and Lovely Weather We’re Having) from your store ASAP. #blacklivesmatter.”

Despite grandstanding the removal of his games, Glander’s two titles received poor to mixed reception from Steam Users.

Art Sqool, an art school simulator meant to question if a video game can “make you more creative” or “a better artist,” held a lukewarm 67% positive score on Steam prior to its removal.

Lovely Weather We’re Having , described as a “goal-free explorer game” in which players simply explore the landscape and watch the weather change, received an even lower score, holding only a 62% positive score before its delisting.

Contradictory to Glander’s assertions, Valve has in fact taken steps to support Black developers following the recent protests surrounding the death of George Floyd.

On June 7th, the company promoted Guerilla Collectives “Black Voices in Gaming” stream, which featured round table discussions with black game developers, linking to it from their official Twitter account and advertised a special sale in support of the event on the Steam store’s front page.

Furthermore, Valve is also a sponsor of the upcoming Game Devs of Color Expo, “a games conference focused on putting game creators of color at the forefront.”

When confronted with Valve’s charitable actions, Glander argued that the company needed “to do more,” calling for them “to answer for themselves on why they’ve let white supremacy fester in their community.”

Glander’s call to arms was met with widespread criticism, with many finding his performative declaration itself to be a shameless attempt to market his own products on the back of the same issues he claimed to champion:

What do you make of Glander’s comments?

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