Report: Former Batgirl Writer Cameron Stewart Removed From DC Comics Project Following Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct

Source: Batgirl #43

A new report details that Batgirl writer Cameron Stewart has been removed from an unannounced DC Comics projects he was attached to following accusations of sexual misconduct.

The report comes from Bleeding Cool and writer Rich Johnston who states, “Bleeding Cool has learned that DC Comics has withdrawn an unannounced project that Cameron Stewart has been working on, from their schedules.”

Stewart was initially accused of grooming  by artist Aviva Maï. She posted to Twitter on June 15th, “Seeing a lot of people talking about pedophiles in the context of grooming teenagers for dating on twitter today and as someone who was groomed and gaslit by men in their 20s and 30s as a teenager I gotta [soul has left body].”

She followed that post up by naming Cameron Stewart.

She wrote, “Hey. That post about being groomed as a teenager? I’m talking about Cameron Stewart. The comic book artist. We met when I was 16 and he was in his 30s. Maybe 32. It was 2009.”

Maï went on to detail, “We flirted by text and went on one date. In 2009. When I was 16. We stayed “friends” for a long time after that and he’d sometimes text to say that he was sad he missed his chance to date me. A couple really uncomfortable times.”

She then stated, “Took me a long time to realize what had actually happened, what he was doing, and that we were never actually friends.”

Maï then explained why she was making the accusations, “I’m only posting this because he’s worked on a lot of comics directly aimed at young girls and women, and I want them to know what kind of person he is.”

“It’s never felt like ‘a good time’ to say this because there isn’t one, but I’m saying it anyway. That’s it. Now you know.”

Former Marvel Comics writer Kate Leth would also claim Stewart groomed her when she was 19.

She would later add, “There’s a link to more info here but I just want to back Aviva up by saying ‘this happened to me, too.’ I still have the drawing of Death he drew me on a piece of hotel stationary. I was 19. He was 32.”

Later Leth would indicate she thought she was either 20 or 21.

Leth then went into detail about Stewart’s “particular brand of predatory behaviour.”


She would go on to indicate that Stewart did not groom her for months writing, “CS did not groom me for months, but I knew other people he did it too.”

She goes on to blame other unnamed comic book creators for Stewart’s actions writing, “Yeah. Some of that blood’s on your hands, fellas.”

Freelancers Anonymous actress Natasha Negovanlis would also accuse Stewart of misconduct, but did not go into details. She wrote, “I have similar stories about him that I don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly at this time but it’s nice to feel less alone and I am so sorry that happened to you too.”

Following these accusations, not only was Stewart reportedly removed from this DC Comics project, but his upcoming cover for Image Comics Ice Cream Man #20 was canceled.

Ice Cream Man writer W. Maxwell Prince posted to his Instagram, “Team ICM will be canceling Cameron Stewart’s Cover B for this August’s Issue 20. We’ll be donating the commission cost of the cover to”

He added, “A replacement cover will be announced shortly.”

Ice Cream Man artist Martin Morazzo also confirmed the cancellation on his Twitter.

Prince shared the replacement cover to Instagram.

Stewart has not publicly commented on the accusations. He has put his Twitter into protected mode.

He has also privated his Instagram account.

What do you make of these accusations? Do you think there is any validity to them? What do you make of DC Comics and Ice Cream Man cancelling their upcoming projects with Stewart?

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