Bounding Into Comics reviews the seventh episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam “Prepare to Fight! Desperate Fugitive.”

Here’s the official synopsis of the episode from Crunchyroll:

“Domon goes to Neo Mexico in order to fight the Gundam Fighter, Chico Rodriguez, but upon arrival he learns that the fighter has run away and is being hunted by the local authorities.

Check out our review below:

The Mobile Fighter G Gundam series was directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa and was written by Yoshitake Suzuki. The show stars Yuri Amano as Rain Mikamura and Tomokazu Seki as Domon Kasshu.

Bounding Into Comics will be reviewing subsequent episodes of Mobile Fighter G Gundam every week. If you aren’t caught up, be sure to do so. We will be reviewing Episode 8 “Old Grudge: Revenge of the Space Police” next week.

You can stream Mobile Fighter G Gundam on Crunchyroll or purchase the series on DVD or the remastered Blu-ray.

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