Spike Lee, the award-winning director of movies such as Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and BlacKKKlansman, expressed that he feels the United States has an immoral foundation.

During an interview with Joe Madison on his radio show, the director made his feelings very clear pointing to American history related to Native Americans and slavery.

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The subject came up as the question was asked what would going back to normal look like:

Lee responded, “The foundation of the United States of America is immoral, from the get-go.”

He continued, “The foundation has been shaky from day one. This country was based upon the stealing of the land from native people and genocide against native people, coupled with slavery. That was how this country was built. ”

“How many of us in grade school were taught that George Washington cut down the cherry tree and when asked he said, ‘I cannot lie. I chopped down the cherry tree.’ How many of us were not taught that George Washington owned 123 slaves? And many presidents after that. This whole narrative, a large part of it, is a lie. They leave stuff out,” Lee adds.

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He then discusses his film Da 5 Bloods saying, “That is why in Da 5 Bloods we have Chadwick Boseman’s character telling fellow Bloods that the first person to die for the United States of America was a black man, Crispin Attucks, in the Boston Massacre during The Revolutionary War.”

Lee then states, “We’ve been patriotic for this country from day one. From day one. We’ve been here 401 years and we still haven’t got, you know, a full citizenship. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be getting shot down in the street left and right.”

“Here’s the thing, and know it might be all over the place, we cannot go…whenever this day comes we go back to supposed normalcy, what they call normal was abnormal because Eric Gardner and a whole bunch of people happened before, not before Christ, but before Corona,” Lee adds.

Chadwick Boseman in Da 5 Bloods

He then declares, “We have to change everything from top to bottom. This gap that was exposed — not to the have-nots, but to the haves — has to be shrunk across the board. Healthcare, economics, education, I mean we cannot go back to normal because normal is f’d up.”

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Spike Lee has had a long history of criticizing the history of the new world. Back in early 2019, the director called explorer Christoper Columbus a “terrorist”.

What do you think of Spike Lee’s view of American History? Does he have a point, or is something missing?