The anthropomorphic menstrual hero Little Miss P will continue her journey in a brand new manga from Yen Press.

Ken Koyama’s Little Miss P became a popular hit in Japan discussing the often-taboo topic menstruation. The manga even inspired a live action film adaptation that is in development.

It also inspired a sequel titled Little Miss P: The Second Day.

Yen Press announced the sequel on Twitter.

They wrote, “Little Miss P has stopped by for another one of her energy-sapping, gut-twisting monthly visits!”

Here’s the official synopsis for Little Miss P: The Second Day:

“It’s that time of month, and you know what that means…a visit from Little Miss P! She always seems to show up at just the wrong time, generally armed with a heavy dose of fatigue and poised to deliver a barrage of beatings that leave her hosts physically and mentally exhausted.

Though Little Miss P is often met with dread and resignation, the realities of a woman’s period are widely misunderstood-especially by those who haven’t been subjected to her gut punches on a monthly basis.

Join Little Miss P-along with Mr. Libido, Mr. Virginity, and Little Miss PMS-as she visits women in a variety of circumstances, advising, harassing, comforting, and delivering more than one obligatory PERIOD PUNCH in this humorous, heartwarming collection!

In the latest volume, like clockwork, Little Miss P has stopped by for another one of her energy-sapping, gut-twisting monthly visits!

Despite the difficulties brought about by her arrival, women around the world-and galaxy-must find ways to cope with her (ir)regular visits, a task made easier by the support and understanding of those who care about them.

Through frank discussion and a heavy flow of humor, this collection follows Little Miss P as she calls on women from all walks of life. No pop star, action hero, or office worker is exempt from Little Miss P’s formidable PERIOD PUNCH!”

Little Miss P: The Second Day is on sale now.

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