X-Men: First Class actor Kevin Bacon, who played the villainous Sebastian Shaw, recently expressed his love for seeing toddlers marching for Black Lives Matter.

Bacon posted to his Twitter account a TikTok video from user JayShetty showing a number of toddlers marching down a sidewalk with Black Lives Matter signs.

Bacon wrote on Twitter, “New generations are marching in to help change us for the better. Love this.”

He then thanked Shetty for sharing the video, “Thank you Jay Shetty for the share #BlackLivesMatter.”

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Black Lives Matter is a radical organization that supports disrupting “the Western-prescribed nuclear family requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

The group also advocates for dismantling “cisgender privilege.”

They’ve also called for defunding and dismantling police departments across the United States.

Patrisse Cullors, the group’s co-founder has also described the organization as “trained Marxists.”

Cullors has also accused white women of selling out America.

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Over the last few months, Bacon has become more vocal expressing his political views related to Black Lives Matter as well as social justice in general.

In an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Bacon opened up his appearance talking about social justice.

He stated, “Seeing the protests and what’s going on…You know for an old guy like me, I was born in 1958, and to witness the passion of the young people across the world for social justice it leaves me speechless.”

He added, “Which is probably a good idea because I think it’s a good time for old white guys like me to shut up and listen. So speechless is probably a good choice.”


He continued, “I’ve been trying to take this as a time to admit that I don’t have a full understanding of the life experience of people that are different than me and I will never have a full understanding of that and that’s something…”

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Bacon then went on to detail how when he was young he was a know-it-all, but as he’s gotten older that’s changed.

He explained, “The older I’ve gotten the more I realized how much there is still to learn. So this has been a perfect example for me to stop and learn and listen and read and just try to gain some kind of deeper understanding of people who…”

Bacon then stated, “Here’s the thing. I’ll never understand it ’cause when I walk out of the house, I’m white. And to not have that experience and privilege is something that I want to just kind of educate myself on.”

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Bacon has also been active on his other social media channels promoting his views.

In one post on Instagram he shared a video called “Systemic Racism Explained.”

He captioned the video writing, “This taught me a lot. Systemic problems require systemic solutions that we all can be part of – and the first step is recognizing the problem at hand.”

Social justice isn’t the only issue that the veteran actor is passionate about.

One such issue is the climate. Back in 2017, the actor shared an opinion piece from The New York Times that took a shot at Trump’s policies regarding energy and the environment.

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Bacon also discusses this issue in an interview with Buzzfeed’s AM to DM morning show. The actor didn’t mince words when it came to how he viewed current policy from the Trump administration.

He described the policies as “despicable” and stated, “I think it’s astounding how far we’ve gone backwards since he’s been president in terms of environmental law.”

Bacon’s latest film You Should Have Left is currently available on-demand to view.

What do you make of Bacon’s comments?