Brian Pulido’s Coffin Comics recently unveiled their Summer of Sin Part 2 – Comic Exclusives that includes a “Naughty Firecracker” Lady Death cover and pinup.

Pulido made the announcement writing, “Lady Death: Summer of Sin Part 2 – Comic Exclusives.”

He added, “NEW goodies from Dan Mendoza, Sun Khamunaki, and Jose Varese!”

Varese’s Firecracker cover comes in both a regular version as a well as a Naughty Firecracker version. It graces the cover of Pulido’s Lady Death: Swimsuit Part 2 Exclusive!

Varese worked with Jeremy Clark and Ceci de la Cruze on the cover.

Take a look at Varese’s Firecracker cover.

And here is the Naughty Firecracker version.

As noted in Pulido’s original tweet they also revealed other swimsuit versions of Lady Death by Sun Khamunaki and Dan Mendoza. There are Naughty versions of these covers as well.

Take a look at Dan Mendoza’s Nice version:

And here is the Naughty version.

Here is Sun Khamunaki’s Nice version.

And the naughty version.

Lady Death: Swimsuit Part 2 Exclusive is 24 pages of full color swimsuit-themed artwork. The comics are available to be signed by Pulido as a no-cost option. Signed copies will include a Certificate of Authenticity.

These Summer of Sin covers and pinups follow covers and pinups from Lady Death: Swimsuit Part 1 Exclusive  from Mike Krome and Mike DeBalfo.

Here is Mike Krome’s cover.

Here’s a look at Mike DeBalfo’s Nice “Waterfall” cover.

And here’s the naughty version.

Lady Death: Swimsuit Part 1 Exclusive is a 32 page full color book featuring swimsuit-themed artwork by Elias Chatzoudis, Jeremy Clark, Kate Colors, Mike DeBalfo, David Delanty, Chris Ehnot, Sean Forney, Joel Gomez, David Harrigan, Ken Hunt, Sun Khamunaki, Ryan Kincaid, Mike Krome, Dawn McTeigue, Dan Mendoza, Matt Merhoff, Jonboy Meyers, Monte Moore, Sanju Nivangune, Richard Ortiz, Paolo Pantalena, Arif Prianto, Sabine Rich, Anthony Spay, Lorenzo Sperlonga, Sorah Suhng, Nathan Szerdy, Tevan, Collette Turner, Jose Varese, and Jesse Wichmann.

You can purchase both Lady Death: Swimsuit Part 1 Exclusive and Lady Death: Swimsuit Part 2 Exclusive on the Coffin Comics Shop. Prints of the covers as well as Metallicards are also available.

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