DC Comics did not celebrate Independence Day this year with their fans on social media.

The comic book publishing giant had nary a social media post on Twitter or Facebook to support the American holiday.

Instead on July 3rd they posted a tweet about DC Daily’s final episode on their DC Universe streaming service.

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Then on July 5th they asked their followers what they thought of Supergirl #42.

There were no posts to Twitter on July 4th.

On Facebook they promoted their DC FanDome on July 2nd.

The next post would again be on the 5th about Supergirl.

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There were no posts on July 4th.

Last year DC Comics celebrated Independence Day with a patriotic image featuring Batman and Robin.

In 2018 they celebrated Independence Day with a patriotic image of Superman and his family.

In 2017 they also celebrated with Superman and his family.

In 2016 they celebrated the Fourth of July with a Wonder Woman playlist.

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While there were no posts about Independence Day this year from DC Comics, they did promote a number of other cultural events.

In June they celebrated Juneteenth.

The company also celebrated Pride month in June with a number of posts.

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In May they celebrated Memorial Day.

They celebrated World Goth Day in May as well.

Also in May they celebrated Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

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Again in May they celebrated Mother’s Day.

In April they celebrated Ramadan.

They also celebrated World Book Day in April.

They even celebrated the obscure World Penguin Day.

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In March they promoted International Women’s Day.

One has to wonder why they would not post a message on Independence Day like they had done in previous years.

What do you make of DC Comics not celebrating Independence Day on social media despite celebrating numerous other cultural events and holidays throughout the year and previously celebrating Independence Day for at least the past four years?