ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 Lead Game Designer Jennifer Scheurle falsely accused an innocent man of being responsible for a recent vehicular assault incident involving two Black Lives Matter protestors in Seattle.

She also accused this man of white supremacy and unapologeticaly shared his real name and declared that “he is dangerous.”

In the early morning hours of July 4th, Black Lives Matter protestors continued to occupy the I-5 freeway in Seattle for the 19th day in a row, shutting down traffic entirely and blocking access from on ramps with their own vehicles.

Yet, one car managed to move past these barriers and drive on to the freeway, eventually barreling into a crowd of protestors and severely injuring two individuals.

Following the public release of the accident footage, Scheurle took to Twitter to blame the incident on right wing extremism, President Donald Trump, and white supremacy.

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She wrote, “I came here because I wanted to report to you about a white supremacist attack on #BLM protesters in Seattle last night by driving a car into a small crowd, hitting two women and injuring them gravely.”

She continued blaming the incident on right wing extremism and President Donald Trump, “I didn’t listen to my friend when they said to not watch it and I need you to listen to me now: do not watch it. I was not prepared. All you need to know is this: Right wing extremism is the most prevalent form of terrorism in this country and it is fueled by Trump.”

Scheurle reiterated, “A white supremacist drove a goddamn car into a crowd with full speed and the intention to murder protesters! Two bodies flew into the air like they were nothing. This is what Trump is doing to this country. This is what he does to his followers.”

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She then encouraged her followers to vote in November.

However, contrary to Scheurle’s assumptions, the man arrested at the scene and accused of being responsible for the assault is Dawit Kelete.

ArenaNet Lead Game Designer Jennifer Scheurle Ignores Evidence, Falsely Accuses Innocent Man of White Supremacy and Vehicular Assault of Two BLM Protestors

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Kelete’s race as identified on Seattle’s King County Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention official custody record as ‘black.’

ArenaNet Lead Game Designer Jennifer Scheurle Ignores Evidence, Falsely Accuses Innocent Man of White Supremacy and Vehicular Assault of Two BLM Protestors

Scheurle dismissed photographs of Kelete published alongside reports of his arrest as “false images,” continuing to assert that “this was a white supremacy attack.”

To further her narrative, Scheurle then outright accused an entirely different individual, a Caucasian man with Conservative political beliefs by the name of J.O. Baker, of being the driver and defending her choice in “Not hiding this man’s name this time around” by claiming that “he is dangerous.”

Scheurle went on to insinuate that Baker is a white supremacist and domestic terrorist writing, “When are we going to treat the threat of white supremacy and domestic terrorism with the seriousness it deserves?”

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She added, “We have burned whole countries over the threat of foreign terrorism – it’s time we treat this with the same seriousness when terrorists are white.”

As he was very obviously not the driver in this incident, Baker joined the conversation by directly reaching out to ArenaNet on Twitter to alert them to the act of “an employee circulating edited screen shots and pics of my children and I.”

Responding directly to her thread of accusations, Baker informed Scherule that she had “24 hrs to remove your post about me or face legal action.”

He also shared a link to a GoFundMe where he is raising funds to pursue “every legal avenue” he can.

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As of writing, Scheurle has not publicly responded, instead choosing to lock her Twitter account in the face of the mounting wave of backlash against her false accusations.

Scheurle was also one of the first to campaign against the honoring of Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell by the Game Developers Conference, on the grounds that several women had come to her with stories that Bushnell had allegedly been responsible for a sexist and misogynistic workplace environment at Atari during the 1970s.

When asked for names and contact information for said accusers, Scheurle provided no such proof of their existence, instead replying that “You don’t understand. I don’t have to prove anything to you and neither do they. It is your job to practice empathy to an experience that might differ from your own.

Recently, Scheurle has faced a massive wave of criticism across social media for her recent declaration that her “worst nightmare” is the ability for men who have been falsely accused of gross misbehavior or criminal action “having all the receipts ready to discredit” any allegations.

ArenaNet Lead Game Designer Jennifer Scheurle Ignores Evidence, Falsely Accuses Innocent Man of White Supremacy and Vehicular Assault of Two BLM Protestors

Kelete is in custody and will have a court hearing sometime today where a judge will determine if he can be released on bail. He is charged with two counts of vehicular assault.

Following the incident The Washington State Patrol announced they would no longer allow protestors to enter I-5.

One of the protestors, Summer Taylor, struck by Kelete died from her injuries on Saturday night at Haborview Medical Center.