Artists Renato Camilo and Diabolumberto showed off their sexy Princess Leia and Dejah Thoris pinup.

As you can see below, it features Princess Leia in her iconic Slave Leia outfit when she was held prisoner by Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi.

It also features Dejah Thoris in her iconic outfit first popularized by artist Frank Frazetta on the cover of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel A Princess of Mars.

Camilo, who penciled the sexy pinup shared the work in progress on Instagram back in September 2015 simply describing it as a “Princess Leia Gold and Dejah Thoris Sketch!!”

He followed it up with a more complete version in October 2015.

Camilo would eventually share the full image to his Deviant Art page in October 2015.

Colorist Diabolumberto would put their touches on the pinup by Camilo and share to their Deviant Art page in September 2019.

Take a look.

The pinup would then be recently circulated by the Comic Waifus Twitter account.

The Dejah Thoris and Slave Leia pinup would not be the only time that Diabolumberto would apply his colors to Camilo’s art.

On Deviant Art, Camilo shared a sketch of a gun toting Princess Leia accompanied by R2-D2.

Diabolumberto would then share his colored version.

Diabolumberto would also share another Slave Leia image that he colored based on Camilo’s artwork.

These aren’t the only pinups of Princess Leia and Dejah Thoris that Renato Camilo and Diabolumberto have applied their trade to.

In August 2015, Camilo shared a work in progress of another Princess Leia sketch.

He shared a completed Princess Leia sketch earlier this year where she’s only got a lightsaber.

As for Diabolumberto he recently shared on his Deviant Art in April a Dejah Thoris pinup drawn Leomatos2015 that he colored.

He also shared another Dejah Thoris pinup by Leomatos2015 that he also colored.

In February 2016, he shared a more war-like Dejah Thoris by Leonadro Oliveira that he colored.

As for Princess Leia, he shared a Slave Leia by artist Eric Basaldua (Ebas) with his inks and colors.

What do you make of the sexy Princess Leia and Dejah Thoris pinup?

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