Tumblr artist Hogan’s Superheroes recently shared two pages of Wolverine fighting a Nazi.

Hogan’s Superheroes, who also does the ‘Dinosaurs, Robots, Cheerleaders’ web comic, shared his Wolverine vs Nazi comic pages to Tumblr.

The page sees a a man with a black mask over his face and dressed in all black garb attempting to recruit Wolverine to punch Nazis and pointing at a blonde woman wearing a red hat.

The man states, “Wolverine! Let’s go punch that Nazi!”

Wolverine responds, “Hold up, bub. How d’ya know that’s a Nazi?”

The man responds, “Look at her hat!”

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Wolverine then states, “Not a fan of the hat…”

The man then interjects, “She’s offensive!”

Wolverine responds, “Yeah? So am I.”

The man again interjects, “Look, I know a thing or two about Nazis. I’ve read articles.”

Wolverine responds, “No kiddin? Well I’ve fought actual Nazis during the war. I judge folks by their deeds, not-”

The man interjects and reveals that he has some kind of bottle in his right hand. He states, “Forget it! I’ll get her myself! Her kind shouldn’t be allowed out in public like it’s normal-”

Wolverine then gives the man a good uppercut, knocking the mask off his face. He tells him, “Looks like I found the Nazi!”

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Take a look.


Hogan’s Super Heroes would then share the same page with slightly different dialogue.

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The dialogue is changed in the third panel with the man in the mask saying, “Don’t act like she’s normal! If you won’t get her I’ll do it myself! Watch this!”

What do you make of these pages of Wolverine vs A Nazi? Which dialogue do you prefer?

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