A RWBY fan artist has been accused of pedophilia and sexualizing minors. This comes after the artist published an edit of the series’ main character in the outfit of a different character from Honkai Impact 3rd.

RWBY Fan Artist Accused of Sexualizing Minors for Ruby x Honkai Impact 3rd Crossover Edit

On August 13th, fan artist Sombrella posted a fan edit they had made which featured RWBY’s titular Ruby. Here Ruby is wearing the outfit of Honkai Impact 3rd’s Rita Rossweisse:

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Honkai Impact 3rd is a popular mobile gacha role-playing game in which players attempt to protect humanity from extinction by controlling teams of female “Valkyries” in a battle against monsters. Those creatures are spawned from a malevolent force known as “Honkai.”

This mash-up edit was presumably inspired by the fact that both Ruby and Rita wield large scythes as their primary weapons.

RWBY Fan Artist Accused of Sexualizing Minors for Ruby x Honkai Impact 3rd Crossover Edit

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Due to the barest amount of cleavage presented in the edit, Sombrella was soon descended upon by RWBY fans who accused the artist of sexualizing a minor due to Ruby’s canonical age being, at most, 17.

Many users attempted to criticize Sombrella by merely pointing out that the fictional Ruby is a minor, “Dude she’s a minor y’all need to chill.”

Another user hit a similar point, ” Bro…shes a minor.”

One RWBY fan felt that “this edit is too much” they continued, “i get that this is a homage to the character in Honkai, but that character is not a minor, so it’s okay  to have an outfit that’s a bit sexualizing, can’t say the same for Ruby.”

User @MossStone2 claimed that “this is sexualizing a minor and it’s wrong because doing this normalizes sexualizing minors.” They added that pushing back against likeminded critics was also “just normalizing this shit.”

Another user, @amityisinlove3, replied with, “This is really gross.”

Curiously, RWBY fans have not widely criticized Yang’s original outfit. Which as you can see, was arguably more revealing than Rita’s.

RWBY Fan Artist Accused of Sexualizing Minors for Ruby x Honkai Impact 3rd Crossover Edit

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However, Sombrella conversely received an outpouring of support from fans who were able to separate fiction from reality, as many pushed back against critics and responded to her edit with words of encouragement.

One user, @Garaven131982 said, “Thank you I have waited for this kind of art. Ruby cosplaying a character that is so similar to her (except the maid part lol).”

@Aquil_Hundson99 said, “Nice work on this can’t wait to see you do more outfits like this for other girls.”

In a follow-up Tweet, they continued, “Also to the people complaining she’s a minor just stop it’s been how long now? There’s a crap ton of Ruby r34 out there aged up or not but her in a maid outfit that’s crossing the line if you don’t like it don’t look at it that simple.”

User @_ebea shot back against the outrage by saying, “To you guys claiming this is sexualizing Ruby: It’s just a corset, skirt, and stockings. Ruby’s always worn that, so why is it suddenly bad now? This isn’t anywhere NEAR sexualizing.”

In a follow-up Tweet, they finished, “Imo it’s only sexualizing if you make it sexualizing. The edit was only made because Sombrella likes Honkai Impact, not because they want to sexualize Ruby. You guys are ignoring the obvious.”

Finally, the user @AquilesMaldi gave some words of encouragement, “She looks great Keep up the good work And for those people complaining just remember.”

They then shared a meme that told critics to calm down:

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The backlash against Sombrella was also covered by anime YouTuber Hero Hei, who stated that “it wouldn’t be the RWBY community without trying to bully someone under the guise of “I’m just doing my virtue signaling.'”

As of writing, Sombrella has not responded directly to her detractors, instead opting to continue creating RWBY x Honkai Impact 3rd mash-up edits.

What do you think of this Ruby crossover edit? Let me know your thoughts!