Fox Entertainment is working on a new X-Files show in the form of an animated comedy. Either, they didn’t learn from Star Trek: Lower Decks or must really like the idea.

According to Variety, the new show will be in the spirit of Lower Decks and Harley Quinn on DC Universe. It’s titled The X-Files: Albuquerque, and will center “around an office of misfit agents” – in other words, “the X-Files’ B-team.”

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These misfits will investigate mysteries of the paranormal too “wacky, ridiculous or downright dopey” for the likes of Agents Mulder and Scully.

Such being the case, don’t expect Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny to supply their voices – at least at this point. Anderson declared in 2015 after the last revival season she was done and not coming back.

Franchise creator Chris Carter will be back, however, to oversee production. He will executive produce with Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko (Movie 43) who are serving as showrunners.

The X-Files is a long-running sci-fi franchise that first beamed onto televisions 27 years ago. It ran for nine seasons, wrapping up its initial run in 2002.

Carter brought it back for a miniseries that extended its season count to 11. And, IDW published some tie-in comics for the final season.

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X-Files Deviations One-Shot Cover

Cover by Cat Staggs

The show had two other spinoffs – Millennium starring Lance Henriksen and The Lone Gunman in 2001, which only lasted a season.

Two motion pictures followed. The most recent was X-Files: I Want To Believe in 2008, which had nothing to do with aliens.

Adult-oriented cartoons based on popular IPs are all the rage right now or they are, at the very least, Hollywood’s shiny new object.

Harley Quinn has been successful enough to warrant a transfer to HBO Max and one more potential season. And, Comedy Central gave the go-ahead to a Ren & Stimpy reboot, whether people want it or not.

Chris Carter’s involvement ought to allay some fears but he and Fox would be wise not to repeat the mistakes of Star Trek: Lower Decks, which has seen plummeting ratings since its debut.

X-Files: Albuquerque doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but feel free to let us know if you plan on tuning in.

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