Contrary to a previous rumor thought debunked, Ryan Reynolds could have a shot, after all, at playing Green Lantern in The Snyder Cut.

Grace Randolph, who first reported Reynolds was in line to reprise Hal Jordan, is sticking by her sources, and scoop, in a new video.

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Her take is Zack Snyder wants Reynolds to come in and film some scenes. Snyder commences filming on additional scenes and the finishing of others next month.

Randolph discussed scenes left to be done including ones with GL and others with Martian Manhunter. “One thing I can tell you now is that half of the Green Lantern scene has been filmed. The Batman half,” she said.

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Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern 2-Oa

Continuing, Randolph talked about how easy she thinks it ought to be to incorporate a Lantern and his infamous suit.

“So that just means they have to film the other half of the scene, which should be very easy to do with Green Lantern,” she stated. “He flies. He’s got an electric [suit]…Well, we’ll see what kind of suit Zack Snyder puts him in.”

She then stated rather clearly Snyder wants Reynolds specifically: “But I have heard that he wants Ryan Reynolds.”

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

“I think considering how important nostalgia is these days and that Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern came out around the time that these other movies were coming out, I think it would just be absolutely perfect to do it that way,” Randolph continued.

She added Reynolds is vocal on social media about having another chance to wear the ring. “And Ryan Reynolds has been, you know, active on Twitter, signaling that he’s open to this,” she said.

“Again, as I reported to you, this is what they want to happen,” she reminds her viewers. “So it would be great if Ryan Reynolds shows up there in October and films the other half of that scene.”

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Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern

Addressing if Snyder considered using another actor, Randolph mused it’d be easier to “swap in” Reynolds, adding casting a new actor could be handled in the next movie.

There will be a new actor and Lantern anyway if/when Warner Bros. casts John Stewart for their new Justice League.

Until then, Randolph offered Snyder wants Reynolds’ as Green Lantern to give people a surprise and get them talking after the four-hour cut is streamed piecemeal, at first, leaving viewers hanging.

“I think that you want stuff that gets people talking about the Snyder Cut that makes it must-see every week,” she shared.

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Zack Snyder's Justice League

Randolph explained further, “It’s four one hour episodes, and as I told you, a little extra something afterwards each week.”

She views it as the perfect redemption story for Reynolds and his memorable but polarizing portrayal of DC’s number-one space cop.

“And I think having Ryan Reynolds show up one week as Green Lantern and redeeming himself — I mean it’s just a perfect story,” said Randolph. “It’s fantastic, and again, I believe that’s why Zack Snyder and his team want that.”

October is right around the corner and we’ll be there to tell you whether or not it leaks Reynolds shows up on set for the new scenes.

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