Star Trek: Discovery saw a ratings boost in the 18-49 key demographic with its second episode.

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According to TV Series Finale, Star Trek: Discovery’s second episode Battle at the Binary Stars posted a .30 rating in the 18-49 demographic rating up from .20 from the first episode.

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While the episode saw a ratings boost it did see a decline in overall viewers although it was marginal. Battle at the Binary Stars saw 1.679 million viewers tune in.

The first episode, The Vulcan Hello, had 1.702 million viewers tune in. That’s only a 1.35% decline.

The ratings boost does see Discovery match the rerun of Bull that aired in the same time slot two weeks before Discovery aired its first episode. However, it still pales in viewership as Bull brought in 1.9 million viewers.

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The increase in ratings and the marginal decline is a sharp contrast to when the first two episodes were released back in 2017 in Canada.

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According to Canadian tracking website Numeris, the show premiered on CTV as the #1 show of the week between September 18th and September 24th. It was viewed by 2.274 million viewers.

However, just a week later the show aired on Space+ to only 1.444 million viewers.

By the season’s conclusion to its first chapter, which also aired on Space+, only 1.140 million viewers tuned in. Between the show’s premiere and the conclusion of its first chapter, Star Trek: Discovery saw 1.134 million viewers tune out. That decline is over 50%.

The show would seemingly see a minor bounce with the show’s Chapter 2 premiere. According to Numeris, the show’s Chapter 2 premiere on Space+ was viewed 1.211 million people.

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By the show’s second episode in Chapter 2, viewership declined to 1.007 million viewers. By the season 1 finale, the show wasn’t even ranked in Canada’s Top 30 shows with viewership below 927,000 viewers.

That means the show lost at least 59% of its viewers from the premiere episode.

Time will tell if the American audience for Star Trek: Discovery will maintain its ratings and viewership as the season continues to air on CBS every Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT until Thursday, October 15 when the show’s third season will air on CBS All Access.

What do you make of the latest viewership numbers and ratings for Star Trek: Discovery?

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