Guardians of the Galaxy and upcoming Dune actor Dave Bautista took to Twitter to attack not only President Donald Trump supporters, but the President himself.

Bautista’s attack on Trump supporters came following a tweet from the President who wrote on Twitter, “I did more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years. Now, he is pushing the most far-left agenda ever put forward by a presidential nominee…”

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In response to this tweet, Bautista wrote, “Only the small crowds of idiots willing to sit through your bad comedy routines are buying your shit anymore Biff.”

The Dune actor added, “Americans are voting by the millions. You’re exposed. You can’t lie your way out of it. There’s too many dead Americans. You’re fired. Trump Is A Laughing Stock. Vote.”

Dave Bautista

This isn’t the first time Bautista has used the term “crowd of idiots” to describe President Donald Trump’s supporters.

In a tweet earlier this month, the actor quoted an article from the Palmer Report that used that description.

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Bautista tweeted, “‘When Donald Trump spoke from the White House balcony today to a crowd of idiots below, it was a reminder that he still has coronavirus.'”

The actor also indicated that Trump supporters who attended the Blexit rally at the White House over the weekend will drink bleach when President Trump asks them to.

Bautista tweeted, “There’s free bleach set off to the side but only for when Jones… I mean Trump tells them to drink it.”

Bautista also seemed to describe Americans who support President Trump as “self righteous, ignorant, or just downright scummy” in a tweet.

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He wrote, “Same! Seen them all over but not in my neighborhood. Which was full of Trump flags and signs in 2016 but are down to 2. Self righteous, ignorant or just downright scummy to the end. I’m hoping the absence equates to non support. This is well beyond partisan.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor also tried to imply that supports of President Trump and his family are part of a cult.

He wrote, “Sorry man! It really doesn’t get stranger than seeing average Americans rally around Trumps kids! It’s the most cult like shit ever!!”

Bautista didn’t just attack supporters of the President, he went after Donald Trump as well. In one tweet he wrote, “Everything about Donald Trump is straight from the fascist playbook. Seeing him spew propaganda from the White House makes my head want to explode.”

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These comments are not out of the ordinary for Bautista. Back in April, the actor described the President as a “delusional wannabe dictator.”

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He also described the President as a “scumbag” back in January.

What do you make of Bautista’s attack on Americans who support the President of the United States Donald Trump?