A leaker who claims to be in possession of the contents stored on Hunter’s Biden laptop has alleged that the Chinese government offered Mulan star Liu-Yifei to the former Vice President’s son as a “sex-bribe.”

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As initially reported by Disney Star Wars Is Dumb, Wang Ding Gang, better known as Lude, has been a prominent figure in the ongoing saga of Hunter Biden’s purported laptop.

A Chinese dissident and eponymous founder of the YouTube news channel LUDE Media, Lude has spent the month of October leaking documents and information he claims to have obtained from the reputed laptop.

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In an October 26th video, while discussing an image allegedly taken from a CCP hidden camera depicting Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine, Lude asserted that the image also depicted another person “lighting the crack for him.”

“Now who is this somebody?” Lude asked rhetorically. “Surprisingly, she is Liu Yifei, the actress who played Mulan.”

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Lude then insinuates that the actress is connected to the Chinese government through a man named Zhang Hongwei, whom “manages money and connections for Liu Yifei” and “has a very close relationship with Xi Jiping and Wang Huning.”

While Lude did not explicitly state on the livestream that the CCP offered the actress as a bribe, on his Parler account, Lude subsequently ‘echoed’ (the platform equivalent of a retweet) a post that stated “The Chinese Communist Part (CCP) used Liu Yifei, a famous Chinese movie star (who plays Mulan in the Mulan movie) to sex-bribe Hunter Biden.”

It is important to stress that, as of writing, this information currently remains unverified by a source independent of Lude himself.