Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton, known for his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, recently took to social media to declare he has no intentions of unifying and implied that white people are domestic terrorist insurgents.

On January 6th Wheaton took to his personal Facebook page where he described the supporters of President Donald Trump as “domestic terrorist insurgents.”

He wrote, “Make no mistake: these domestic terrorist insurgents were allowed to storm and occupy the Capitol. There is extensive video of police stepping aside to let them pass, I’ve seen video of a cop taking a selfie with a rioter, inside the building.”

“Compare today’s behavior by law enforcement and The State to their behavior in summer during peaceful civil rights protests (separate from the violence), and it is undeniable that today’s violence and chaos was permitted and encouraged BY CHOICE,” he continued.

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The Star Trek actor went on, “This was a decision. This was allowed and encouraged to happen, and the people who allowed and encouraged it must be held accountable.”

Wheaton would then call for duly elected politicians to be expelled from Congress, “The politicians who poured gasoline on the kindling they put out before they gave matches to their Brownshirts must all be expelled from the Congress.”

Finally he concluded, “There must be consequences for the people who allowed this to happen. I know there won’t be, because White People, but there *should* be.”

In a comment on the post, Wheaton added, “There are THOUSANDS of right wing radical rioters in and around the Capitol right now. Police have made THIRTEEN arrests. This is a choice.”

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In a separate post he would describe the protest at the U.S. Capitol as a “Fascist coup attempt” and claimed that it was widespread across the country.

On January 6th he wrote, “Today’s Fascist coup attempt is not limited to the US Capitol.”

More recently, Wheaton took to Facebook where he wrote, “I am always have been, and always will be, proudly anti-Fascist. I will not ‘unify’ or ‘come together’ or ‘seek common ground’ with Fascists, and neither should you.”

Earlier in January he shared a photo of himself to Facebook that reads, “Arrest the President.”

He captioned the post writing, “Turns out I put this T-shirt away too soon, thinking I wouldn’t need it for a few years. Rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyy feeling it today.”

It’s pretty clear who he thinks Fascists are, millions of Americans who support President Donald Trump.

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Wil Wheaton is no stranger to attacking people he doesn’t like or disagrees with. Back in April 2019, he went after YouTube megastar PewDiePie.

On Facebook he called PewDiePie a “racist, piece of shit bigot.”

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More recently, in September 2020, Wheaton would tell Star Trek fans to piss off if they did not like Alex Kurtzman’s vision for Star Trek.

Wheaton was asked about franchise fatigue to which he responded, “I don’t care about franchise fatigue.”

Wil Wheaton

He then added, “I mean, either you like it or you don’t. Either you come and participate in the storytelling or you don’t. And it’s a giant world with lots of people in it. And if you don’t like it, God bless you. Go do something else. That’s fine. That’s just the way it is.”

The actor went on to state, “You’re never going to be all things to all people. And if you try you end up being beige, which is boring and uninteresting.

What do you make of Wil Wheaton’s comments? What do you make of the fact that people like Wheaton do not want a unified United States of America?