Amazon’s The Expanse actress Jean Yoon, who played Captain Theresa Yao in Season 1, called for Fox News to be banned for “hate speech.”

Yoon’s call to ban Fox News came after former New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas asked his followers on Twitter, “It’s time for this question to be front and center: Should Fox News be allowed to exist? Brain-mashing as a business model shouldn’t be legal.”

In a follow-up tweet he implied Fox News is promoting terrorism.

He wrote, “I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t understand why you’re not allowed to manufacture bucatini that doesn’t have a certain threshold of iron in it but you can broadcast brain-mashing falsehoods and goad people toward terrorism.”

Later in his thread, he would outright accuse Fox News and other unnamed media outlets of promoting terrorism.

He wrote, “Twelve percent of Americans supported the terrorist insurrection on the Capitol. After the fact. You cannot pin this only on leaders. This has been institutionalized incitement in which the media played a giant role, and democracy is endangered by it.”

Anand would continue his thread writing, “Are there huge questions of a slippery slope? Of course. Could this regulation be abused? Of course. These are the hard things we’d have to figure out. But none of that means, to me, that a business model of incitement and falsehood is absolutely protected.”

Next, he requested suggestions on how to harm Fox News and other media outlets business that he personally disagrees with.

Giridharadas wrote, “And in the interim, I’d love to hear more of the bottom-up ways people suggest. The advertiser pressure has worked. I’ve heard talk of cable subscribers demanding incitement-free packages. What are the other mechanisms you see?”

Yoon would respond to Giridharadas’ initial tweet asking if Fox News should be completely erased from existence. 

She wrote, “Yes. As a Canadian watching the Fox driven ‘birtherism’ lie, I was gobsmacked. Even after the lie was disproven.”

Yoon then added, “Fox spews POISON into US civic discourse. Freedom of Speech cannot extend to hate speech, knowing lies. Especially for a broadcast network.”

Yoon also recently showed her complete lack of understanding about the governmental structure of the United States being a Republic.

The actress retweeted Mother Jones writer Ari Berman, who posted to Twitter, “This is how undemocratic US Senate is: -15 states with 38 million people elect 30 GOP senators – California with 40 million people elects 2 Dems -By 2040, 30% of America will elect 70 senators. 70% of America will elect only 30.”

As published on the United States Senate official website, James Madison, who would later become President of the United States, explained why each state only gets two senators in Federalist 62.

He wrote, “The equality of representation in the Senate is another point, which, being evidently the result of compromise between the opposite pretensions of the large and the small States, does not call for much discussion. . . .”

Madison continued, “In this spirit it may be remarked, that the equal vote allowed to each state, is at once a constitutional recognition of the portion of sovereignty remaining in the individual states, and an instrument for preserving that residuary sovereignty. . . .”

He then wrote, “Another advantage accruing from this ingredient in the constitution of the senate is, the additional impediment it must prove against improper acts of legislation. No law or resolution can now be passed without the concurrence, first, of a majority of the people, and then, of a majority of the states. It must be acknowledged that this complicated check on legislation may, in some instances, be injurious as well as beneficial; and that the peculiar defence which it involves in favour of the smaller states, would be more rational, if any interests common to them, and distinct from those of the other states, would otherwise be exposed to peculiar danger.”

Madison concluded this point writing, “But as the larger states will always be able, by their power over the supplies, to defeat unreasonable exertions of this prerogative of the lesser states; and as the facility and excess of law-making seem to be the diseases to which our governments are most liable, it is not impossible that this part of the constitution may be more convenient in practice, than it appears to many in contemplation. . . .”

The official U.S. Senate page also explains, “The framers also established equality of states in the Senate, assigning each state two senators. The “Great Compromise of 1787” reconciled the demands of the large states with those of the small states by establishing proportional representation of states in the House of Representatives based on population, and equal representation in the Senate. This compromise guaranteed that the Senate would remain a smaller body than the House, where members could enjoy more freedom in debate and create the necessary compromises to bring about successful legislation.”

It’s amazing that someone who is spreading misinformation about the Senate would call for the complete erasure of Fox News based on an accusation of spreading “knowing lies.”