Former Batman Writer Tom King Attacks Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Calls Him A “Traitor”

Batman writer Tom King accused the United States Senator from Texas Ted Cruz of being a traitor to the United States of America. He then called for Cruz to resign from his political office.

King’s accusations against Cruz came after Senator had a discussion with The Daily Wire’s Michael J. Knowles discussing President Joe Biden’s environmental policies on the most recent episode of Verdict with Ted Cruz.

During their discussion, Knowles asked Cruz, “When we think about the difference between populism and elitism and all of these isms that are coming up, what is the future for the Republican party? And is there any way that we can stop this inevitable flow of progressive history.”

Cruz would answer the question in three parts. When he got to the third part he began to discuss the inevitability part of the question and brought up Thanos and Avengers: Endgame.

Cruz stated, “And a third point. You talked about inevitable. And I have to say it brought to mind Avengers: Endgame. And you know [John] Kerry doesn’t quite have the massive Thanos hands and fingers, but you can see the inevitable in the finger snapping.”

He continued, “And it actually, what is interesting, and Endgame is curious. Have you noticed in how many movies, how often rabid environmentalists are the bad guys. Whether it’s Thanos or go to Watchmen. The view of the left is people are a disease. They buy into the Malthusian line that there are too many people in the world, that people are bad, and everything would be better if we had fewer people.”

He concluded, “I mean Thanos wanted to eliminate 50% of the lifeforms in the universe with one finger snapping.”

A clip from the show would be shared to Twitter by Media Matters researcher Jason Campbell. It’s this clip that Tom King would respond to and proceed to accuse Ted Cruz of being a traitor.

King wrote, “Hey Ted Cruz, I say this as a comic book writer, as someone who served his country in two wars, as someone who saw with my own eyes the insurrection 1/6.”

He added, “Senator, you’re a bad guy, you’re a villain, you’re a traitor—and, again and again and again, you’re a loser. Resign.”

Accusations like this are nothing new from Tom King. 

Related: Former Batman Writer Tom King Insinuates That DC Comics Artist Jae Lee Is Part Of “Hate Group”

Back in July 2020, the former Batman writer and the current co-writer for the upcoming New Gods film took to Twitter to insinuate that DC Comics artist Jae Lee was part of a “hate group.”

King took issue with the fact that Lee did a variant cover for Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet.

However, he would only target Lee after DC Comics posted to Twitter, Lee’s variant cover for Rorschach #1.

King wrote, “Today DC put out an alternate cover for Rorschach by Jae Lee, who has also done covers for comicsgate, a hate group. DC does not consult creators on alternate covers; I reached out to them to express my deep disappointment. Far as I’m concerned this is the cover to Rorschach #1.”

Related: Former Batman Writer Tom King Issues Apology To DC Comics Artist Jae Lee

King would eventually issue an apology after Jae Lee responded to King’s actions on Instagram writing, ““I’m writing this because I’m angry. These irresponsible tweets are not harmless. They do not just go away. They have real world consequences. They can take away your job. Your life. Your memories.”

King posted his apology to Twitter writing, “As I have done privately, I’d like to publicly apologize to Jae Lee for my actions a few days ago. I should’ve talked with Jae before I sent a tweet about him that put his career at risk. I made a critical mistake, and I am profoundly sorry.”

He added, “I will do what I can to repair this with Jae, and I will do better in the future. I’m not going to offer explanations because they sound like excuses, and I’m not asking for forgiveness or understanding. I’m just saying I see what I did, and I’m going to try to make up for it. Thank you.”

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King has also previously attacked Superman actor Dean Cain after he appeared on Fox News and stated, “I promise you, as Superman, I wouldn’t today be allowed to say ‘truth, justice, and the American way.”

King took issue with these comments and called Cain a “mother f***er.”

He wrote on Twitter, “Mother f***er I put it in a comic this year. Smh.”

As for why he attacked Cain, King claims it was because of a joke that Cain made regarding wearing a mask on a plane.

King wrote, “Ah the ‘MF’ was an insult because you used your platform to discourage people from wearing masks, which will cost lives —the opposite of what Superman would do.”

He then proceeded to further insult Cain writing, “I don’t know if I’m tough but I did fight for my country overseas and didn’t just wear a cape in front of a camera.”

Ironically, Cain would actually be proven right despite King’s “evidence.”

YouTuber Just Some Guy pointed out that Superman doesn’t actually say “I believe in truth, justice, and the American way.” Rather it’s the soldier he’s talking to that says it.

Just Some Guy writes, “You know, it’d really help your argument if the character who said ‘I believe in truth, justice, and the American way’ was Superman, and not the soldier. I don’t know what’s sadder: that you can’t follow the captions or that you can’t remember your own work.”

What do you make of Tom King’s attack on Senator Ted Cruz?

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