Star Wars novelist E.K. Johnston recently wished that “white women would stop ruining things.”

Johnston has written a number of Star Wars novels. She wrote the 2016 novel Ahsoka, the 2019 novel Queen’s Shadow, and the 2020 novel Queen’s Peril. She also wrote a short story published in the 2017 anthology From A Certain Point of View.

As reported by Disney Star Wars Is Dumb, Johnston recently took to Twitter to respond to a news report that Governor General Julie Payette and her secretary Assunta di Lorenzo were resigning.

Johnston wrote on Twitter, “I would really appreciate it if white women would stop ruining things.”

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This isn’t the only tweet about white people Johnston has made recently.

A little over a week after this tweet, Johnston would comment on Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 Thor film.

She wrote, “Sometimes I think about how Kenneth Branagh made the first ‘off centre’ MCU movie AND the live action Cinderella, and I just STARE LONGINGLY AT SOMETHING FAR FAR AWAY.”

She followed that up writing, “you KNOW how hard a white dude has to work to impress me.”

And more recently she disparaged conservatives.

She wrote, “Anyway, this is why Conservatives keep white women around: so they can glass cliff them, and pretend they’ve solved the problem without actually losing anyone they care about.”

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If you are unfamiliar with the term glass cliff, Vox writer Emily Stewart describes it as such, “Women are elevated to positions of power when things are going poorly. When they reach the upper ranks of power, they’re put into precarious positions and therefore have a higher likelihood of failure, meaning there’s a greater risk for them to fall.”

Stewart adds, “And it’s not just a phenomenon reserved for women; it happens with minority groups, too.”

According to Stewart the term was coined at the British college, the University of Exeter, by researchers Michelle Ryan and Alexander Haslam in 2005.

Ryan also explained the term, “The glass cliff is a phenomenon whereby women (and other minority groups) are more likely to occupy positions of leadership that are risky and precarious.”

She added, “This can happen when share price performance is poor, when facing a scandal, or when the role involves reputational risk.”

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Johnston previously claimed a Bounding Into Comics livestream with One America News Network reporter Jack Posobiec would “hurt people.”

She wrote on Twitter, “I don’t know how to stop this, but I *know* it’s going to hurt people.”

No one was hurt during the livestream as you can see below.

What do you make of Johnston’s tweets about white women, white dudes, and conservatives?