Seven Seas Entertainment announced they have acquired the license for Meguru Ueno’s Does A Hot Elf Live Next Door To You?

The manga follows high schooler Inudo Keita, who is an aspiring mangaka. However, his world is turned upside down when a pyromaniac elf moves in next door to me.

The official description from Seven Seas begins, “High schooler Inudo Keita dreams of being a great mangaka. He also happens to live in a Japan that mingles with the denizens of strange and fantastical alternate worlds.”

“When a gorgeous pyromaniac elf moves into the apartment next door, Keita’s life flies off the rails–and she’s only the first otherworldly girl to throw his life into chaos,” it continues.

The description concludes, “Will Keita be able to complete a single manga page without a beautiful woman turning his day into a hot, flaming mess? (Probably not!)”

The manga will be released in North America in both print and digital platforms in single volume editions.

The first volume will arrive in August. It will retail for $13.99 in the United States and $17.99 in Canada.