A new rumor claims that Disney purposefully chose to mark many of its beloved films and TV shows as offensive in order to prevent backlash from far left activists on Twitter.

This new rumor comes from scooper WDW Pro at Pirates and Princesses, who claims a source revealed to him that “Disney selected the current warning label for the purpose of visibility.”

WDW Pro goes on to explain that there were other options discussed on how to deal with content Disney deems inappropriate. One such choice would have been to outright remove it from the films.

He states, “Disney could have simply removed the potentially offensive scenes of “Indians” in Peter Pan.

The scooper went on to describe that this content might also simply just be removed from the films on Children accounts, while being accessible for Adults through an option in the settings. There would then be a warning upon viewing it as an adult.

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While not directly from his source, WDW Pro then appears to speculate that the whole purpose of  Disney wanting their content warnings visible is “to ward off potential boycotts from far left movements on Twitter.”

WDW Pro goes on to state, “Disney is putting placards on their own content that maligns said content for the purpose of defusing potential financial backlash.”

He adds, “From their standpoint, marking their own content as harmful is a way to demonstrate virtue to those who could harm their Disney+ subscriptions.”

It’s a bizarre strategy given that boycotts in the past have been largely ineffective. That’s not to say some have been effective, but the overwhelming number have not mattered. 

Maurice Schweitzer, a professor of operations and information management at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania told the LA Times back in 2018, “Very few boycotts have led to changes.”

He went on to state, “In practice, most boycotts achieve the more modest goal of attracting media attention.” However, he added, “There are, however, hundreds of calls for boycotts each year, and most accomplish very little.”

Schweitzer went on to state, “Boycotts are rarely the precipitating factor for change. Rather, they bring attention to an issue and signal the magnitude and intensity with which a group feels a particular way.”

However, again he notes, “In most cases, a small minority of people call for a boycott that the wider community fails to support by taking substantive action.”

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While it might seem bizarre given the ineffectiveness of boycotts, it makes much more sense given what Gina Carano revealed about the culture of Lucasfilm, a subsidiary of Disney.

Carano spoke about her firing from Lucasfilm with Ben Shapiro, where she stated, “I could share a story and it would turn things around in the media but I can’t do that because it would be selling out a friend that I don’t really have the same views as. I’m not going to sell out somebody to take the attention off me.”

She added, “If that person said something about how hard I went to bat for that person, it would change things, but everybody’s afraid of losing their job.”

That last part is the key part. “Everybody’s afraid of losing their job.” That reveals there is a culture of fear at Lucasfilm and more than likely its parent company Disney. People are constantly walking on eggshells. And when you are doing that day to day, it’s more than likely going to affect how they make business decisions.

They will begin to make business decisions out of fear. And Carano also detailed they were doing that.

Carano told Shapiro about a meeting with a media trainer Disney had set her up with, “She said, ‘Look, you offered a logical answer to an emotional response. That’s not what they respond to. It only helps if you offer an emotional response to an emotional response.’”

The former Mandalorian actor continued, “I get that but why can’t you offer a logical answer? That should be your right to. My logical answer is you guys kind of misinterpreted that and there’s also this massive mob out there bullying people left and right. She left beaming and it was a great conversation. It was not a  problem.”

Disney isn’t making rational, logical decisions. They are making decisions based off emotions and it seems that the biggest one that is influencing them is fear.

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However, while this culture of fear has more than likely taken hold in Disney, there’s also plenty of evidence that quite a number of Disney employees are ideologues.

One need not look any further than Krystina Arielle and how Disney reacted to her clearly racist comments against white people.

The company hypocritically condemned bullying, of which Arielle was doing, and then outright supported her racist comments.

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To add another ripple to Disney’s decision-making process, Justified and Deus Vult author Jon Del Arroz claimed at the time that Star Wars’ statement in support of Arielle and implication that their own fans are racist was part of their marketing strategy to sell The High Republic.

Del Arroz explained, “I think it is a marketing stunt because nobody is interested in this Disney High Republic stuff. If you’ve gone through and even perused it, it just looks like an awful outing and it’s very clear they are pushing people in there as diversity hires intentionally. It’s sort of an Al Sharpton shakedown, but with science fiction. And nobody is going to want it.”

He added, “And so because nobody is in advance  going to want it, they are going to try and make a political cause out of it in order to generate sales.”

Del Arroz would later state, “But, yes, this is just a marketing gimmick for Disney at the end of the day because there is no talk about The High Republic that is positive. Nobody is interested in the comics. Nobody is interested in the books. Nobody is interested in the show discussing the comics and books. And so they have to try to make some sort of cause about it in order to get people interested. It’s a tired tactic at this point.”

As highlighted there are more than likely a number of factors leading into Disney’s decision to pretty much label their own movies and shows as racist.

First, they have actual ideologues employed that believe in the lies they are promoting. 

Second, they most definitely have a toxic work place that operates based on fear.

Finally, they attempt to use controversy as a marketing tactic. In the case of the most recent content warnings, they might have used it to deflect the news away from Carano.

Is it just a coincidence that the content warning kerfuffle over The Muppets hit the same day as Carano’s interview with Shapiro?

What do you make of this latest rumor? Do you think they are putting content warnings on their films and TV shows to prevent a possible boycott? Or do you think there is much more at work?