Warner Bros. has thus far been stalwart in maintaining the services of Amber Heard as Mera, but her sojourn as Queen of Atlantis may have come to an end.

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This is according to a new report by the Australian outlet Sausage Roll which says Heard’s contract with the studio has been terminated.

The reason given was “breach of contract” stemming from “health and fitness” concerns. 

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We don’t know what that really means and it could entail anything, but Small Screen speculates the “health reasons” could be related to drugs which is only a guess on their part.

They also note “a number of scoopers have been claiming” Heard “was in the process of being fired” –  which was recently alleged in a video by Popcorned Planet’s Andy Signore.

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No replacement has been announced if Heard really is fired though Sausage Roll says Emilia Clarke is replacing her.

Clarke is a favorite of fans and it’s been said by various sources before WB is seriously considering her at the least.

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An odd report by Forbes led its readers and scoopers to believe Clarke has landed the role of Mera but we are still waiting on confirmation there.

Caution is advised with this latest Heard scoop. Further developments are sure to come that controvert it and the related Clarke story.

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Up until now, it was consistently reported and rumored WB was standing by Heard since she won her first court case against Johnny Depp, whereas other court dates were delayed.

When that occurred months ago, Deadline remarked Heard’s attorney was seeking a new date for the hearing that would accommodate her commitments to Aquaman 2.

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The sequel helmed by James Wan rolls into production this summer with or without Amber Heard. If she sticks around, there may be a Flash cameo in it for her.

We know she will appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max in the coming month.

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