HBO Max’s Green Lantern series won’t keep Hal Jordan’s name out of its mouth or, it turns out, its story and call sheets.

Green Lantern on HBO Max

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A new scoop from Geekosity bolsters reports and suspicions Hal will indeed appear on the streaming show eventually.

He won’t be part of the main cast of Simon Baz, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Kilowog, Alan Scott, and the tentatively named black female lead – and probably won’t appear in the first ten episodes either.

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Geekosity sources say Hal “is a character they will lead up to” in the battle with his archenemy Sinestro, also confirmed for the series.

But, according to the report, Jordan isn’t slated to drop in until the end of the first season and won’t become a regular character until the second, if the show is renewed.

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The reason given is Warner Bros. is still a little wary of building the series around an elite Lantern who is the property’s star attraction because they don’t want what happened to the Green Lantern movie happening to or affecting their streaming reboot.

As such, they’re going to play it safe and rehabilitate Hal’s image, so expect a recasting – which, to be fair, is not beyond the pale. In the case of Hal, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and almost did in Justice League.

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Damage control and caution are already in place anyway. The studio is using the diverse new cast to make over the Corps itself and present “a new, serious look to the general public.”

That shouldn’t matter and it sounds like they’re going overboard but the strategy might work.

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An easier way for Green Lantern to sprinkle some diversity would be to use John Stewart. However, all signs, and previous scoops, point to them saving him for the Cinematic Multiverse.

Stewart, Jordan, and Sinestro were rumored for appearances from the beginning. Hal and John would have been Legacy Lanterns protecting Earth while Sinestro’s screen time supposedly covers his origin in the past.

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Green Lantern HBO Max was meant to take place across two timelines but they may have scrapped that idea.

The show is by Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns. Seth Grahame-Smith serves as head writer/showrunner. Production is believed to start in April.

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