Rumor: Disney And Lucasfilm Gave Warning To Rosario Dawson After Firing Gina Carano


 A recent rumor claims that Disney and Lucasfilm issued a warning to The Mandalorian actress Rosario Dawson about a month after they fired Gina Carano and lied about her.

This new rumor comes from scooper Daniel Richtman via Small Screen.

Richtman claims, “Lucasfilm is afraid Dawson will be next after Gina Carano considering her past so told her to be careful.”

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He previously scooped back in December that Disney wanted Carano to issue an apology in order to get a Mandalorian spin off show.

We Got This Covered reported that Richtman posted to his Patreon, “Disney told Gina Carano she needs to apologize if she wants her own spinoff.”

Richtman had previously claimed that a Cara Dune spin-off had already been canceled.

We Got This Covered’s Scott Campbell wrote, “Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the Mouse House have nixed any plans to have Cara Dune headline her own Mandalorian spinoff, which was widely been speculated to be one of the countless Disney Plus Star Wars shows in development.”

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Carano confirmed that Disney did indeed try and get her to apologize in an interview with former New York Times columnist Bari Weiss.

Carano stated, “Earlier on last year before The Mandalorian came out, they wanted me to use their exact wording for an apology over pronoun usage.”

She continued, “I declined and offered a statement in my own words. I made clear I wanted nothing to do with mocking the transgender community, and was just drawing attention to the abuse of the mob in forcing people to put pronouns in their bio.”

Speaking with The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro she elaborated, “I had a publicist at the time and they said, ‘You have to put out an apology. This is messed up. This is awful.’ I did say right after that tweet, I clarified for everybody this was not directed towards the transgender community in any way.”

“And I’ve also been watching celebrities apologize left and right and it’s very ingenuine. And I said, “Can you just give me a moment because I’m kind of feeling emotional right now and can I just do my own research?’ And so they were like, ‘Okay. Yeah. Do your own research, but you need to get on the phone tomorrow with our LGBTQ transgender section.'”

Carano continued, “And I was like, ‘I honestly, I’m feeling very emotional. Can you give me a second?’ And they said, ‘No, you need to do this now.’ And so I did. I was like okay we have to do it now then let’s do it now. And so I watched their documentary and I got on the phone with them. And they basically were just two very gentle people and they were like, ‘We’re sorry, you stepped in what they call a gold… a land mind. We can tell your not here against us.'”

“They actually reported back to Disney and Lucasfilm, they thought it would be a bad idea if they canceled me or if they let this affect anything,” she stated.

Ahsoka and Grogu

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As for Dawson, she’s been targeted by the woke Twitter cult as well after she was accused of transphobic assault in a lawsuit back in October 2019.

Dawson would address the accusations speaking with Vanity Fair in November 2020. She stated, “Well, firstly, I just want to say I understand that, and why people were concerned, and are concerned. I would be too if I heard some of those claims.”

“But I mean, as we’re seeing right now in these past months, and just recently, actually, the truth is coming out. Every single claim of discrimination has been dismissed by the person who made them, and as you’ve said, the fact that this is coming from someone I’ve known since I was a teenager, the better part of my life, and who my family was trying to help as we have many times in the past, it really just makes me sad. But I still have a great empathy for him,” she added.

Vanity Fair reported that 18 of the 20 claims against Dawson and her family have been voluntarily withdrawn without a settlement.

Dawnson explained, ” The reason that all of the discrimination claims were dropped is because they didn’t happen. I was raised in a very inclusive and loving way, and that’s how I’ve lived my entire life.”

She added, “I’ve always used my voice to fight for, lift up, and empower the LGBTQA community, and use my platform to channel trans voices, in fiction and nonfiction work that I’ve produced and directed. So I feel the record is really clear.”

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Nevertheless, the woke Twitter mob set their sights on Dawson following Carano’s firing.

One Twitter mob participant wrote, “Not just to like, spite Gina Carano but also bc Star Wars needs trans actors. Also f***ing fire Rosario Dawson.”

Another wrote, “Ahsoka Tano doesn’t deserve to be played by a transphobic, she deserves better. Fire Rosario Dawson like you did Gina Carano.”

Another tweeted, “if only they would fire Rosario Dawson now…”

Twitter user AnarchyPunished wrote, “What that an antisemitic transphobic garbage person was fired? Lmgao then f*** him too. Like… wish the would fire Rosario Dawson too. Never should have f***ing hired either of them.”

Another Twitter mob participant wrote, “good job lucasfilm now fire rosario dawson.”

And Twitter user hehemyers wrote, “so glad Gina Carano is gone, now can we please keep up the energy and fire Rosario Dawson as well? seeing as violently aiding in the assault of a trans man should garner just as much distaste as sharing an anti-semitic/republican post online. come on guys.

What do you make of this most recent rumor that Rosario Dawson was warned by Disney and Lucasfilm to be careful?

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